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Cheating wife kills baby

A woman in the Bangira area under Chief Musikavanhu in Chipinge has been arrested on allegations of killing her newly born baby and burying her in a vegetable garden on the banks of Musirizwi River.

Knowledge Mhlanga Makamera

Majika Zamukudzi (21) allegedly had an extra-marital affair with her husband’s nephew, Edison Ndangana (24), resulting in her getting pregnant.

Ndangana allegedly helped to bury the body of the baby girl. The accused’s husband works in South Africa.

It is alleged that Majika gave birth on May 1 before killing the baby.

The alleged crime was discovered when Ndangana’s neighbour visited the accused and discovered a trail of blood all over the floor and inquired what had transpired.

Majika claimed she had a miscarriage but the neighbour asked to see the dead foetus and was told that nothing had come out except for the blood.

The informant rushed to inform close relatives, neighbours and other villagers who reported the case to the police.

During interrogation three days later, Majika allegedly confessed to the crime and led police to the garden where they recovered the corpse, which was already decomposing.
The duo was arrested and taken to Chipinge Police Station where they are awaiting trial.

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