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Zanu PF candidate preaches peace

ASPIRING Zanu PF candidate for the Dzivaresekwa parliamentary constituency George Chimhini yesterday implored voters to be tolerant and avoid violence as the country prepares to hold harmonised elections.


Chimhini made the remarks during the launch of his campaign in Dzivaresekwa where both the party leadership and losing candidates came forward to put their weight behind the prominent businessman.

“The main issue is that I see there are people who are expecting a violent election, one that is not free and fair,” he said.

“There are perceptions from the opposition where they are already priming for a rigged election and this is why as Zanu PF we need to be careful and make sure we don’t fall into that trap.

“President [Emmerson] Mnangagwa is continuously talking about non-violence so that we will win resoundingly without these machinations.

“We are one, we need tolerance. Our president was humiliated by [former first lady] Grace and Sarah Mahoka, but he kept quiet.

“Even today there are a lot of people who are saying all sorts of rubbish about him and try to provoke a situation, but we are saying, we must be tolerant and work hard for the people.”

Hundreds of people attended the rally.

“People came together despite having lost the election. People are just saying there must be that political tolerance where we accept different views and opinions,” Chimhini said.

“For people to vote for me, there are others who voted for other people, but now that was just an internal contestation and we need to come together as a party and work together so that we tackle the opposition.”

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