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Turbulent future ahead for ED

My People It is very gratifying to know that I am still a strong political force to reckon with in Zimbabwe.


After it was strategically leaked by my people such as Comrade Jerasi that there were strong efforts being made to have me or Gushungo return to active politics, the panic among political lightweights was overwhelming.

These political lightweights include Lizard Dhakisi and his boss Dr Shenanagans.

Of course, our milkman, Southern Africa’s next Nelson, was a bit rattled and had to resort to the internet to “distance” himself from me.

Equally, Ambrose was all astute with anger after Jerasi threw him out of my party.

But by then I had been able to taste the waters and to establish that the people want me to return and rule this country as their queen under the National Patriotic Front government.

Of course, to some leaders in the MDC Alliance, being associated with me or Gushungo at this stage would destroy them politically and which is why they went to all ridiculous extents to deny the partnership that has been established and will be rolled out after the elections, depending on the outcome.

Again, it should not be forgotten that many people in Zanu PF are at this stage still afraid to openly support me.

At the nomination courts, you will have seen that quite a number of candidates registered under my party while a few known G40 and Gamatox sympathisers managed to win in Zanu PF primaries.

Little wonder you heard Lizard Dhakisi fretting about plans to impeach him by Members of Parliament if he should win the election.

All this points to a turbulent future for Dhakisi indeed.

He and his friends will go down in history as people who had to resort to tanks to remove a 90-something old man from power.

Leadership failure!

I am sure one of the few things that we can all agree on is that Lizard Dhakisi has dismally failed to lead this country.

Where is the money? Why does he allow banks to take money out of circulation so that it is sold on the streets?

Is it because, according to Jerasi Mawarire, he and his son are making a killing from selling bond notes in exchange for US dollars?

Surely that cannot be true?

How can a whole nation be made to suffer simply because one family has decided to behave as if they own the country?

Like the “real first family”?

I have always suspected that when Bla Phidza  says: Apa hauna cash,he would be refereing to Ngwena and his failure to raise cash for the country.

Where are the mega deals benefits?

It has been suggested in some quarters that Zimbabweans are being sold dummies on the extent of investment being attracted into the country.

For example, can partnerships between the ruling class and a few shadowy characters be called foreign direct investment?

Some of these characters can even be called international criminals as opposed to international investors, according to one cynical commentator.

Of course, that is not true.

There is no harm in giving away a few thousand hectares of our country in order to strengthen partnerships with some “investors”.

However, it was good to see Lizard Dhakisi officiate at the opening of a new beverages manufacturing company last week.

Needless to say that the deal was sealed way before Operation Restore Regasi.

In other words, credit for opening of that factory is not due to the new regime, but to the astute business acumen and negotiating  skills.

We still wait for proof that any new business has come into the country following the coup.

According to Lizard Dhakisi and his people, Zimbabwe has attracted more than US$15 billion in terms of foreign investment.

In other words, we should be awash with jobs, money and a better life.

Maybe we are. The money and jobs are going to Zanu PF supporters maybe.

Just thinking aloud.

Stop it, Ngwena!

Will somebody please tell Ngwena and his party that children should not be bussed to their rallies?

The international community needs to be engaged on this one.

Children of poor people are being bussed to rallies where they are exposed to hate language.

The irony is that ruling party politicians never take their children to rallies for fear of exposing them to what happens at political rallies.

It has been said that politicians would not dare repeat what they say at political rallies in front of their families.

The Horrid lies again

It was very interesting to read in The Horrid newspaper a story written by a godfather of Asiagate that Germany beat Brazil in the last World Cup finals. Up to now, many people believe they beat Argentina.

Maybe there were efforts to rig the matches which only those involved in match-fixing would know ab

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