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ABC Auctions opens in Byo

Question: I understand that you recently opened a new branch in Bulawayo. What inspired the decision to open the branch in Bulawayo?

Answer: With the desire to expand our auction floors, Bulawayo offered the next best opportunity in terms of resources, and customer demand. Opened this May 2018, we are located at 77 Plumtree Road in Donnington. Under refurbishment, the warehouse is being stocked, as we continue to urge the people of Bulawayo to bring in their goods for us to sell.

Question: On July 7 you conducted your first auction in the branch as you officially opened it. How did the auction go?

Answer: Our inaugural auction and the official opening in Bulawayo was a spectacular event. The anticipated auction was well-attended and received by the residents of Bulawayo. The ambience was exhilarated spectators who were eagerly involved in the auction, bidders, both experienced and novice, participated with a competitive spirit. The ABC team were curious and committed to making the event a success. Overall, ABC Auctions could not have asked for a better arrival and welcome into the City of Kings.

Question: What opportunities are there?

Answer: There has been a significant change within the mindset of Zimbabweans, we have seen a positive increase in interest toward business growth and an eager willingness to support individuals and industries. This is an opportunity to us when planning and preparing the groundwork for expansion and potential investments. 

Question: What major challenges are you facing as a player in the sector?

Answer: The challenges we have encountered are mainly changes in the buying demographics and habits of both the sellers and buyers. Due to the current economic situation, there are higher expectations from both sellers who deem their products to be more valuable and buyers who want value for their money. We have countered these challenges by understanding and adjusting to client expectation while providing a higher level of customer service. 

Question: Going forward, what plans do you have for the branch, say, in the next five years?

Answer: The vision for ABC Auctions five years from now is to expand across Zimbabwe by maintaining the household name — “The Leading Auctioneers”. Introducing modern trends, we aim to create more job opportunities, a seamless service and encourage a complement of well-groomed staff members that will uphold the status of our well-respected name. 
Question: How many branches do you have across the country?

Answer: Currently, we have two branches, Harare and Bulawayo. However, we have strategic plans that should see us growing our branches across Zimbabwe and hopefully into the Sadc region.

Question: Is there any competition in the sector and how do you survive in it, if any?

Answer: The competition within the auction sector in our country is seemingly considerable. In order to survive in the market, ABC is solely focused on being environmentally and economically sensitive, attaining a level of trust within our client base and committing ourselves as a brand to maintain the affirmative support we have received and strong reputation we have acquired over the years. 

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