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TN Grill re-opens

TN Grill, a subsidiary of the TN Holdings group, has re-opened its shop in the capital in a bid to expand its wings countrywide.

By Freeman Makopa

Tawanda Nyambirai

The group’s founder Tawanda Nyambirai told Standard Business in a telephone interview last week that they had invested $250 000 for the re-opening of the shop.

“The relaunch of TN grill entailed refurbishing the quick-service restaurant, re-equipping it, recruiting and training staff, marketing and branding. So far we have invested in excess of $250 000.

Nyambirai said the group still faced foreign currency challenges to import equipment needed for the fast-food business.

“Foreign currency has been a big challenge to us as the banks do not have the currency with which to process our import requirements.

“We have, however, had the advantage that we have some of the equipment  we need to open the shop. The shortage of foreign currency has resulted in the increase in prices of raw materials, but we hope that the environment shall improve soon,” he said.

He said the group had recruited 21 people for the shop and was expecting to open other outlets in Harare and elsewhere in the short to medium term. “The other shops will be opened next year,” said Nyambirai.

“We are looking forward to open a lot of shops by next year. We have come back in full force because we consider our food to be the best quality on the market.

“Our staff-members are well-groomed, well-trained and motivated, so we offer the best value for money.”

He said the shop had closed down due to the liquidity crisis after the 2013 elections.

“I made the decision to close down TN grill to protect the brand and to re-open it when there were signs of improvement. The events of November 2017 signified the positive change, I was waiting for. That is when we activated the plans to re-open TN grill.”

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