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Gerontocracy stopped

My Dear People,
There were wild celebrations at the Blue Roof Mansion after we learnt that young Nelson, Nero, had successfully challenged the election victory by lizard Ngwena.

letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

The great Gushungo is still angry with the way that he was treacherously removed from power by his colleagues whom he protected for years after they committed serious crimes.

Some of them even tried to commit suicide after “dizimary feyring” and attempting to cheat in examinations.

Of course, if the courts rule that there should be a run-off or re-run of elections, then one comrade will be completely annihilated.

Even more important will be the fact that I will be coming back, little by little, into the public domain — where I belong.

I am aware that some of you can’t wait to see me back as your vice-president and publicly humiliating government workers for not coming to pay homage at my private residence.

My return is already being worked on by our alliance partners, which is why people like Douglas Mwonzora, who have long opposed the partnership between Gushungo and the MDC, will soon be expelled from the party.

Mwonzora has described any support from Gushungo as the kiss of death.

Which is all very true of course! Many believe that because I caused the downfall of Gushungo, I could do the same with MDC Alliance partners. Suspicions which I think are very true.
Gerontocracy stopped

In 1980 at independence, almost 40 years ago, the current ruling elite, who were young people, occupied senior positions of authority.

One of the men fighting to be president was a cabinet minister in 1980.

From an economic perspective, the first few years after independence were a boom — maybe because they were young and energetic.

Almost 40 years later, and way past retirement age, the same people are clinging to the same positions, which enables some of them to loot state resources.

As a result, younger people cannot get the jobs, which the old people continue to occupy.

Many people feel the coming-in of a younger generation into politics has helped end the culture of gerontocracy — a government based on rule by old people.

The Chimbetu moment

Zimbabwean musicians may soon need the services of advisors who will help them with strategies of how to avoid abuse by politicians who will make them all but endorse their policies.

Others will remember how the late great Simon “Chopper” Chimbetu almost became a pauper after a perception was created that he was supportive of the ruinous and violent policies of a certain political party.

Now that a certain political party is against the ropes, the moment has come when musicians will be used as bait to attract people to their gatherings.

I have wondered about Jah Prayzah and his association with soldiers. I hope he is not in a dilemma about the “military touch”. Here you are, doing all you can to be an ambassador for the men in fatigues. Then one day, they are accused of shooting unarmed civilians in cold blood. What would you do if you were Jah?

Or you could be in the public relations department of one of the army units and are preparing for Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day.

Then your members are accused of shooting civilians. Meanwhile, you want as many civilians as possible to attend your event, which will be held at a stadium.
What intervention, Ngwena?

It was very interesting to hear Lizard Ngwena claiming that Tendai Biti was given certain bail conditions following his intervention.

What kind of intervention, Comrade Lizard? The last time we had the use of the word “intervention” the army had staged a coup and it was described as a “military intervention”.

Was that a way of admitting that Lizard Ngwena controls?

This coming around the time the MDC Alliance was challenging the presidential election result outcome will certainly not be a huge endorsement on the independence of the judiciary by whoever handles his Twitter account.


Please do not believe the propaganda being peddled around that the inauguration was postponed to allow people to watch their favourite English premier league matches, which would be after attendance at the event.

With Liverpool taking on West Ham and Arsenal playing Manchester City, some people have started making their own conclusions, which are completely wrong!

Gire Panyanga!

Gushungo woyeee!

Dr Amai Stopit! PhD (Fake)

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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