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Price hikes, shortages: It’s 2008 Pfee!

My People,

It is not a secret that the hardships have started.

letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

And if the situation is not arrested, the hardships will naturally escalate.

Already, people are beginning to compare the prevailing economic disaster to that of 2008.

Cement shortages, cash shortages, water and power cuts, price increases.

2008 PFEE!, has become the slogan to indicate that the hardships are back.
Zapu marginalisation

The perception that Zapu and Zipra cadres from the liberation struggle are marginalised is very established.

It is, therefore, worrying that veteran nationalist and freedom fighter Kiliyon Sonke Bhebhe, who was in the Zapu War Council, died recently with not much recognition.

What do people like Kembo Mohadi, SK Moyo and others do or say when their former colleagues continue to be sidelined?

Surely, if they do not stand up for their comrades-in-arms, nobody else will.

SK Moyo’s explanation that when doing round-robin consultations on national hero status, they are frustrated by new or young party members are understandable.

But that is a poor excuse.
Lacoste Cabinet

All of you will no doubt have seen the list of the new Cabinet line-up.

All of you will no doubt have come to the same conclusions as I did which is that except for a few cases, it is nothing more than a factional Cabinet.

To put it in simple terms, it is a Lacoste Cabinet.

Oppah and Ziyambi are known Lacoste functionaries.

There was even room for well- known Lacoste strategist July Moyo, who lost the election in the Midlands to a graveyard attendant.

Jorum Gumbo, Kazembe Kazembe, Joel Biggie Matiza and Priscah Mupfumira are all known Lacoste heavyweights.

The Cabinet was spiced with a few professionals whose presence in Cabinet is expected to sanitise it.
Fashion disaster of the year

Some two ladies who attended the swearing-in ceremony for the vice-presidents should get in touch so that I give them free lessons on how to dress for such events.

We cannot have people dressing up as flower girls at such an event.

Of course, one thing that was very clear was that the “leadership” having learnt from the Great Gushungo, love them young.

This has naturally triggered a debate on whether there should be an age limit for companions of the president or the vice-presidents.

There was even a quiz, which was circulating with the question to the effect: Which political party is violently opposed to having young leaders, but is happy to have young wives?

Living in fear?

It was very interesting to read about a very big and powerful man who said he was living in fear of his wife.

It got me thinking about domestic violence and a lot of other things.

More importantly, it got me thinking about a certain gentleman whose remains were found in a national park.

His name was Strover Mutonhori.

Zimbabweans should not forget all those who have died under unexplained circumstances.

Power of a small house

Still on big and powerful people, there is this very powerful, and I mean powerful person who has a female friend in Harare’s avenues area.

He was at one time involved in an accident while visiting the lady friend.

With roads in the avenues having been eroded over the years, residents in the area were pleasantly surprised to see most of the roads being sorted.

What they did not know was that the lady friend in the avenues had told her powerful gentleman friend that if the roads were not fixed she would not have time for him.

They were fixed in one week!
When the cat is away

It was quite revealing to see the vice-president making a very important announcement on why there had been delays in announcing the Cabinet.

That is what we need, a very strong acting president, who makes very important statements concerning the country.

Not someone who waits for such important issues to be addressed by the president only.

Even our one and only Dead BC was up to the game as they led their news bulletin on Tuesday with a story on Dr Shenanigans.

No way was Dead BC going to lead with a story happening in far-off China where Lizard was signing deals with China.
Interesting developments in the kingdom indeed!

Of course, Shenanigans was immediately stripped of a powerful ministry, which many felt he was using as a tool to cow or threaten opponents.

Gire woyee!

Gushungo woyee!

Dr Amai Stopit! PhD (Fake)


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