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New Gospel diva breaks age jinx

AREN’T you a little too old for the game? This is the sort of question almost everyone asks when they see someone in their thirties or forties get on stage showing off vocal prowess.

By Tafadzwa Rusike Gondo

Realising her musical calling at 34 Tafadzwa Chiminya popularly known as Mai Zimi is a mother of two still teething in the gospel showbiz circuit with promising signs of a bright future in the newly born career.

Speaking about her age she said: “it is just but a number it is good music that matters. After all some say life begins at 40 but in music it begins any time”.

“I am passionate about my music, very eager to learn and improve. I started my musical journey professionally in June, and I have already produced a six track album titled Fambai Neni” she said

The album Fambai Neni produced by Prelacy, draws its inspiration from the goodness and mercy of God in the musicians life.

“The six track album contains original tracks that detail my testimony about the goodness of God in my life” she said

“Forgetting that showbiz industry is not strictly for the young we ignore that some musicians have made it at over 60” she added

“Susan Boyle at 48 puzzled the expectations of a sniggering audience and snarky judges on Britain’s Got Talent 2009 proving that it’s never too late to find your true calling”

“The youth-driven industry can sometimes be a little ageist but in Zimbabwe especially if one sings gospel music, it’s hardly surprising” she explained

The Zimbabwean gospel music landscape has seen many greats doing well over 30 such as the Charambas, Kudzi Nyakudya, Noel Zembe, Pastor Haisa, Elias Musakwa, Pastor Michael Mahendere to mention but the few. Some of these musicians are late bloomers while others are not.

Gospel music is somehow slowly fading as it has been overshadowed by the subsequent emergence of other genres such as Zimdancehall and Afropop.

Despite the genre appearing extinct, many gospel musicians are still emerging everyday.

Mai Zimi explains her musical background that dates from her childhood in Mufakose.

“I was born and bred in Harare, Mufakose. I attended Mufakose High 1. I used to be a member of the ACOP Church from childhood, where I was active member of the choir before later joining AFM Ebenezer praise and worship team in 2016” she said

Mai Zimi boasts that her musical career is in safe hands as her producer Prelacy is not just producer but a gifted vocal trainer who goes an extra mile is seeing that the production reaches the highest level.

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