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‘I’m not forgiving anyone yet’

My People,
I am sure most of you will have noticed a perceived cozying up between myself and Lizard Lacoste. Don’t be fooled.
Nothing of that sort will ever happen. The Old Man, The Great Gushungo, is still bitter at what happened.

letter to my people: BY DOCTOR STOP IT

We all know that he does not forgive those who humiliate him politically. Did he not say: “I will not vote for those who tormented me.”

He is still smarting from the humiliation that he suffered at the hands of Lizard Lacoste, the military and other coup plotters in November last year.

The perceived unity that was displayed a few weeks ago was all for show. In politics those are what you call tactics, comrades.

The perceived endorsement was designed to cool tempers after The Great Gushungo refused to attend the first sham inauguration.

As if that was not enough, Gushungo endorsed Nelson Chamisa on the eve of the elections, a decision that enraged the coup cabal.

After the elections, Gushungo would not attend the “naguresheni” of Lizard Lacoste at the giant National Sports Stadium.

With war veterans now getting comfortable with chanting the derogatory slogan Pasi naMugabe! (Death to Mugabe!), it was time to change tactics.

It did not help that those war veterans were now even suggesting that the name of Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport should be changed.

It was time to change tactics and with the advice of our children, we sent a congratulatory letter and our daughter to attend the poorly-attended inauguration of Lizard Lacoste at the National Sports Stadium.

Most of the people who attended were lured by the prospect of watching some desperate musicians whose fortunes are about to become bleak as a result of singing for the dictatorship.

The gullible young musicians should find out what happened to the late greats, Simon Chimbetu and Andy Brown.

Before inauguration, that dictatorship had already shot dead six unarmed citizens in cold blood after deploying the military in the city centre.

Surely the young musicians don’t want to be associated with praising that kind of behaviour. Maybe they like the military touch.

Needless to say the coup plotters, desperate for some form of endorsement, were very excited and made a mountain out of a molehill of that small and irrelevant gesture.

Tactics, Comrades, Tactics

Another mistake that many of you are making is failure to notice that the very politically savvy Dr Amai threw the very bemused Lizard Lacoste under the bus, or is it under the tanks or plane after revealing that Lacoste had hired a very expensive plane to carry her from Singapore to Harare.

With the country beginning to deal with an emerging cholera and typhoid epidemic, the good Dr Amai revealed all about the private jet which nobody in government had revealed.

She even spoke sarcastically as if mocking Lizard by saying if she became very rich, she would buy a plane similar to the one that ED and company had hired.

With many Zimbabweans dying of the primitive cholera disease and hundreds affected, it soon became clear that Lizard Lacoste and his cabal were failing to deal with the outbreak.

That they could spend precious dollars paying for a plane to fly one citizen from Singapore while failing to quickly arrest the spread of a primitive medieval disease exposed them as having misplaced priorities.

Even if they claim that somebody else paid for the plane, we know that they have bought expensive vehicles for chiefs, ruling party and maybe for Cabinet ministers.

Some observers were quick to point out that powerful people like Dr Amai are given a private jet when they have problems while ordinary people receive condolences via Twitter when they face deaths and hardships.

Shame on you, Lizard Lacoste and company.

They should ask the same benefactor to splash millions on arresting the spread of cholera and typhoid.

The arrest of Dr Amai’s sister this week over some very unclear allegations will be the strongest indicator that there are no alliances that have been crafted between the Mugabes and the Lizard Lacoste cabal.

New toys for boys and girls

In the middle of a cholera and typhoid epidemic, death and despair, Zimbabweans are waiting to identify leaders.
With new ministers and Members of Parliament to pamper, we await to see those who want to be blood suckers instead of servants of the people.

Let us all hope people like Kirsty Coventry, Mthuli Ncube and Obadiah Moyo will be different and request for modest cars. Or even refuse to receive cars until our situation stabilises.

Price increases.

For those who have been wondering what this pfee, pfee nonsense means, we believe we may have an answer.

According to someone who believes they have worked out the meaning, pfee is the movement of prices upwards.

So you can say prices of commodities have gone pfee!

Cement prices pfee! Chicken prices pfee!.

Petrol pfee! Sugar pfee! and diesel pfee!

It’s all pfee, pfee, pfee, pfee!
Be fearful

The ruling party heavyweights who were left out of the recent cabinet announcement have every reason to be afraid, according to some of my boys and girls who keep me updated on developments taking place inside the party and government.

They have to be very afraid.

I am told the first shots that were fired last week are a steady build-up towards cleaning up both the party and government.

However, others say there is no serious commitment to prosecute anybody for corruption as there are neither saints nor angels in the group.

The idea is to give ordinary people the impression that something is being done about corruption while actually doing nothing.

That will give the new leader a hold over some of the senior politicians which can always be used as blackmail to keep their ambitions in check.
Exporting cholera to Bulawayo

The decision to postpone the MDC 19th anniversary commemmorations was understandable given the mayhem that cholera has brought to our country.

Equally the people in Bulawayo are wondering why the hare-brained decision was taken to send a huge delegation from Harare to Bulawayo for the opening of a housing project and tomato canning.

Anyway, as a result, Bulawayo ended up having imported cholera from Harare.
Dr Amai Stopit! PhD (Fake)

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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