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Chivandire sisters raise awareness about cholera

At the tender ages of 10 and seven, two sisters, Mukundi and Waishe Chivandire, are already showing themselves to be advocates for a clean, healthy and environmentally stable Zimbabwe.

By Style Reporter

Chivandire sisters… Mukundi (10) and Waishe (7)

After championing a massive clean-up campaign in August last year, the two, last week, came out to appeal for a lasting solution to the cholera crisis that hit the country last month and has so far left 49 dead.

The two Dominican Convent School pupils urged Harare City Council to provide an effective resfuse collection system to rid the city’s suburbs of rubbish, which, if left uncollected, accumulates and contributes to the spread of various diseases including cholera.

In a video shot at Kilwinning shopping centre in Hatfield on Wednesday, where a huge pile of rubbish has accumlated, Mukundi said: “There is cholera now, so city council, please send trucks to collect refuse”.

In reference to the current efforts by council to collect refuse, repair the broken down sewer system and provide running water to suburbs like Glen View and Budiriro that have been most affected by cholera, Mukundi said: “Thank you for what you are doing, but there are some places that need some attention.”

Speaking about their initiative, Waishe said: “We need to be heroes of our time,” and urged all young people to adopt a culture of throwing litter in the bin.

Last year, after travelling to Mbare with her mother to buy fresh vegetables, Mukundi was inspired to contribute towards environment management awareness in Zimbabwe and immediately after that, she and Waishe championed a massive clean-up campaign at Africa Unity Square in Harare city centre

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