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Tips on how to pass Zimsec maths.

Mathematics is one of the most basic subject in the primary and secondary schools curriculum.


Many students across the nation face challenges in grasping various mathematical concepts.

The following are useful tips that will enable both the learners and the educators to win the maths battle.

(a) Mathematics concepts need to be grasped from simple to complex for deeper understanding.

(b)The subject area demands a lot of practice using various past exam papers.

(c)All the mathematics teachers need to adopt a culture of preparing vast handouts and assignments to their students.

(d)Topics involving formulas and properties of shapes need to be mastered through writing formulas and properties of shapes on small cards or on charts to be pinned on the walls.

(e)All maths teachers must engage in intensive remedial sessions to cater for the slow learners and desist from showing interest in few bright students and as a result the national pass rates will be formidably affected.

(f)Mathematical theory play a key role in the mastery of maths concepts and this actually call for all maths teachers to purely blend the theory aspect with practical aspect.

(g)When attacking maths questions it is prudent enough to fully understand the key words of the question in order to critically brainstorm around the area being tested.

(h)All maths learners must refrain from dwelling in the sense of inferiority complex but rather build confidence through joining vibrant group discussions with peers.

The tips are there assist in the teaching and learning of maths from ECD Level up to Advanced level in Zimbabwe.

Mathematics play a crucial role to the nation through moulding citizens with problem solving and critical thinking skills.

TINASHE ZIVIRA is a maths specialist who can be contacted on 0772913772/0713950821

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