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Zimbabwe in great need of a CEO

Letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People

There is no doubt that this country needs a CEO and there is no doubting that fact.

And we need one pronto!

We need a CEO who will genuinely hit the ground running.

Not the dog’s breakfast that Zimbabweans have been served by some clueless mafia wanna-bes.

We may need to consider an arrangement in which someone is given a performance-based contract to pull the country out of the doldrums that we find ourselves in.

As things stand, someone could be forgiven for thinking that some of our leaders are nothing other than gangsters in suits.

We have lurched from one crisis to another with no hope for solutions in sight.

Because some of the leaders are not accountable to the people of Zimbabwe, essentially, they are allowed to get away with murder.

Take, for instance, the clowns responsible for ensuring that the country has adequate supplies of fuel and diesel.

They have shown that they are poor administrators and have completely failed to deliver.

They said they would solve the fuel shortages but they have failed. Enough grounds for dismissal, but when the bosses are mediocre material, then poor performance or failure to deliver is not an issue.

Whatever happened to the fuel that we were told had been paid for and would last for two years?

Now Zimbabweans are being asked to import fuel!

What do these people smoke?

Ordinary Zimbabweans are failing to buy life-saving medication while the leadership’s taste for luxury jets on foreign travel continues to increase.

The trips ostensibly undertaken to beg for money are conducted while travelling in ultra-expensive and latest jets never before seen or afforded by the countries that we beg from.

When some Zimbabwean gold miners were trapped in a mine at Battlefields, a humiliating call for donations to assist was made by our leadership.

When one of the vice-presidents fell sick, a plane was chartered at great expense to Zimbabweans to receive medical treatment in India while another one is a regular in South Africa.

The same scenario exists when other people in positions of influence and leadership fall ill as it happens regularly.

When leaders are in business

Is it possible for a clause to be inserted into the contracts of these politicians who are in leadership that they should not be in business as is the case now?

If, say, one of the leaders is in the business of peddling petrol and diesel as is the case now, they will concentrate on making profits with their filling stations instead of working for the people of Zimbabwe.

Maybe they should be given an opportunity to decide if they want to work for Zimbabweans or work in their private organisations in the fuel sector.

It gets even worse when you hear that some of them are involved in gold mining, which has destroyed the soul of Zimbabweans.

Not only are they responsible for the destruction of our environment, their operations have seen Zimbabweans being killed in the turf wars for mining claims.

We will not even mention the fact that most of the gold being mined is smuggled out of the country.

Harare has a minister!

We would like to congratulate Senator Oliver Chidawu for being appointed Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Harare Metropolitan Province.

The president should be congratulated for appointing loyal party cadres to such strategic positions.

Of course, there will always be detractors who will make all sorts of allegations such as implying that the new minister is a friend or a loyalist.

Some unpatriotic people will go as far as alleging that reports that he is from Masvingo make him unsuitable for the office.

The same unpatriotic people are even calling our Cabinet Gutu or  Mberengwa United!

Not again please

We hear South Africans will soon be signing an agreement of some sort with Zimbabwe.

The kind of agreement in which Botswana leaders ended up mocking us and telling the world that they had donated medication and fortified food.

Can our people please ensure that we don’t end up being humiliated as happened with Gaborone?

As things stand, we still wait to see which Botswana companies will come and invest in our country using the billion pula facility.


The MDC-A congress is fast approaching. And the excitement levels are increasing, including the levels of confusion.

Is the reality that the Vanguard does not vote sinking in?

Which constitution will be used?

Who will Zanu PF sponsor to challenge the outcomes from congress?

Is holding a congress on Africa Day holiday a sign that the puppet tag is real?

Will Gushungo send solidarity statements?

Gushungo Chete Chete!
Chatunga Chete Chete!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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