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Axe-wielding VP goes scot-free

By Phyllis Mbanje / rex mphisa

Vice-President Kembo Mohadi has not been censured for allegedly threatening to his kill his ex-wife and damaging her property because no police report has been made a week after the shocking incident, it has been revealed.

Mohadi allegedly stormed Senator Tambudzani Mohadi’s Beitbridge home where he hacked three doors using an axe before towing away his former wife’s three cars.

At least 25 police officers witnessed the incident, but refused to take a report from the under- siege senator.

The Beitbridge senator argued she would only sign, as both witness and victim, a statement by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers who were present during the violent attack on her person and property on Saturday last week.

She said what police were requesting her to do was like a policeman who sees someone being killed and waits for a report from the victim.

“They were the witnesses, they have an eyewitness account. They must take action based on that. A crime was committed in their presence,” she said in an interview.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi referred all queries about the Mohadi case to the Information ministry.

Women Affairs minister Sithembiso Nyoni said she would not comment on the matter, which she said was private.

“I was out of the country when this happened, but it is a private family thing. It also involves the VP,” she said.

“I have no comment.”

Meanwhile, on Friday the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) demanded that Mohadi be held accountable.

“We are outraged by the reports of violence perpetrated by the VP against Tambudzani Mohadi,” the coalition said.

“It has also been reported that such shocking acts were committed in the presence of members of the ZRP.

“We believe that these are very serious allegations, which require investigations and due process of the law.”

WCoZ said the VP showed lack of respect for both the supreme law of the land and women.

“The battle against violence perpetrated on women and girls can never be won when the perpetrators are men in whom the people have vested the authority and trust to lead the nation,” the statement added.

“The VP of a nation should always be above reproach when it comes to violence and women’s rights issues.

“The VP, being a servant of the people, therefore must be reminded that the very foundation of our democracy and freedom is that this case should be treated as exemplary to all those who abuse their power to inflict pain and suffering upon women.”

The women also urged the police to act speedily and investigate the case.

“In addition, we call upon the judiciary to treat all cases of violence against women and girls as high priority and ensure that justice is served at all times,” read the statement.

“The failure by the ZRP to promptly address the issue raises concern over the failure by critical institutions to adequately provide redress to survivors of violence and thus there should never demonstrate laxity in responding to such cases.”

Meanwhile, former Harare West legislator Jessie Majome said it was wrong for people to always expect only women’s groups and activists to protest when women are abused.

“Why should the women only make noise when it is clear no one is listening or making an effort to act?” she said.

Majome described Mohadi’s case as a litmus test for the police and the judiciary.

“We were let down by the police, where is accountability in all this? Impunity at the highest level,” she said.

Former Zanu PF Goromonzi West legislator Beatrice Nyamupinga called for Mohadi’s arrest.

“For a whole number two in the country to be so disrespectful to women is grossly unacceptable,” she said.

“If he respects himself, he must resign. How do we end gender-based violence when those who are supposed to champion the end to gender-based violence are actually on the forefront of being perpetrators?

“This is a clear case of abuse of power, and domestic violence and as such, he must be arrested.”

Mohadi divorced his wife early this year and the two are embroiled in a dispute over property.

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