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Of the Lacoste fashion disaster

Letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,

So many things have gone wrong in this country.

As Gushungo once said, it all started with that “disgrace” in which power was transferred in a most improper way.

The wheels have clearly fallen off.

Shortages and price increases are now the order of the day.

In short, life has become more difficult since the departure of Gushungo.

Put differently, life was much better under Gushungo.

Another way of saying it would be that Lacoste has failed dismally to manage the affairs of Zimbabwe.

Under his leadership, suffering has increased among Zimbabweans.

With still just over four years to go before the next elections, one wonders what Lacoste and his people will base their re-election message on.

Dressing the President

We have a national emergency that needs urgent attention.

That emergency is the fashion disaster that Lacoste has become.

Granted, wardrobe malfunctions will always happen but surely, not every day.

Lacoste and Mrs Lacoste can watch ZBC and get a few tips from fashion expert, Cindy Munyavi.

Better still they can always hire her or invite her for tea and cake and extract free advice.

Surely, Lacoste needs to know that he can’t continue dressing ‘pachi comrade’ when he is the First Citizen.

There has to be a world of difference between the way a president and a game-ranger dresses.

It was quite revealing to note that our President likes wearing necklaces.

With the gaudy scarf that he wears as well, that area tends to be congested with the different types of apparel.

Will Auxillia please keep Lacoste from wearing light blue suits and other bright colours.

Serious presidents tend to wear darker colours, which show levels of seriousness and maturity.

Away from the office, she also needs to make sure that Lacoste does not appear like someone wearing donated clothes.

Auxillia herself also needs help from Lacoste or anybody in that department as she needs to stop trying to look like Dr Amai or the late Princess Diana.


It is very shocking, but not surprising that some government officials and some people belonging to a certain political party have resorted to looting money and donated goods for people affected by Tropical Cyclone Idai.

The party activists see the disaster that struck parts of Manicaland as an opportunity to make money.

For them, it’s all about building political profiles and making Chi-money-money.

It is also worth noting that the MDC has also set up its own food distribution centres, saying its members were being denied food aid and other forms of assistance on partisan political lines.

MDC elections worse than ZEC polls

It’s now official! The MDC is worse than its nemesis, ZEC, when it comes to running elections.

For weeks the opposition party has been trying to run its internal elections.

Colourful stories ranging from violence, intimidation, rigging to other forms of skulduggery have reportedly characterised the internal elections.

When you hear the MDC accuse ZEC of running shambolic elections, you would think they do better.

How do national leaders travel around the country supervising provincial elections?

And as the MDC congress gets closer, the confusion increases.

We have always said watch this space.

The return of Amai!

Auxillia is fast becoming an irritation and Lacoste may not realise it now, but it could cost them some votes.

She is too much into the faces of many Zimbabweans who feel the family is already becoming to overbearing and intrusive.

She should be free to do some of her sponsored charitable work, but without invading the private space of ordinary Zimbabweans.

And why is she being accompanied by government officials on her private visits?

Is she now a government employee?

Is she now becoming another Dr Amai?

Do dictators ever listen or learn?

Is Lacoste now captured by his wife and those funding her not-so- charitable works?

Now that Auxillia is installing chiefs and Members of Parliament, will she stop there?

Gushungo Chete Chete!

Chatunga Chete Chete!

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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