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‘Not sincere on Gukurahundi’

My People,
Let me start by telling you that you do not yet understand the people that are misruling this country.

Some of them are the most callous human beings on this earth.

They can be very sinister if they want.

Remember these are the same people who were busy saluting Gushungo and calling him their commander-in-chief while they were busy working on toppling him from power.

As Dr Amai, I have the advantage of having observed some of them for a long time while they were scheming and plotting against each other and I must say it was not pleasant.

I even warned Gushungo against some of them but he was too trusting.

Let us start with Ngwena’s recent meeting with civic society organisations from Matebeleland.

The regime just had to arrest an activist for the sake of just being malicious.

How do you arrest someone for carrying a used tear smoke canister unless you just feel like irritating people?

What was the wisdom behind that?

The magistrate’s comment was very telling when the matter was brought before him. “It beats logic that a used canister and an empty cartridge could be defined as dangerous weapons, if weapons at all.”

We all know that the activist was arrested for producing documentaries on the activities of Gukurahundi in which Lacoste members were reported to be active participants in the murder of fellow Zimbabweans.

So looking at the issue of Gukurahundi from the perspective of what happened in Bulawayo, there is no sincerity on Gukurahundi.

If anything, this may be an attempt to flush out those with incriminating evidence on the genocide.

Then there was that embarrassing episode in Rwanda recently in which the world gathered to commemorate the murder of close to one million Tutsis by Hutus in the military.

Guess what one Southern African country with its own history of genocide did?

Instead of sending victims or some neutrals to the commemorations in Kigali, they sent one of their most senior perpetrators of the  genocide!

If that is not being callous, then I don’t know what is.

The missing reports on Gukurahundi

So, according to those seized with issues to do with reconciliation, the primary evidence on Gukurahundi, the real V11 forms are missing.

These are the reports produced by the Chihambakwe and Dumbuchena commission on the excesses of the military.

This takes us back to the issue of people who are callous, sinister  and not serious.

How can two very important commission reports be said to be missing?

A whole government that tells its people to start discussing the emotive issues on one of our darkest chapters then turns around and says the reports are missing.

How does that happen?

Who was responsible for looking after them?

That kind of development can only happen in an environment where most of the leaders are gangsters or operate like the mafia.

Can the same people be trusted with allowing a free debate to take place about a subject in which they stand accused of serious crimes against humanity?

Meanwhile, their representatives have already started calling the genocide an act of war which is absolute rubbish.
How do unarmed babies embark in a war against a whole brigade?

Katsande, Katsande

Will ZBC please provide football commentator Stanley Katsande with an assistant to hold his hand during his commentaries?

We hope this will prevent him from blurting out incorrect and misleading information on football.

The other afternoon he spent the day misleading football enthusiasts that Method Mwanjali had scored for Caps United when that was totally untrue.

Happy holidays everybody!

Gushungo Chete Chete!
Chatunga Chete Chete!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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