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You cannot afford to give up on yourself

Inspiration with Cynthia Chirinda

At 10 years old, he decided to end his life. In his own home. He wanted to drown himself in the bathtub and put an end to his misery. He told no one. After all, no one can understand the bullying he used to face every day. No one can be in his shoes and feel his pain. No one can explain to him why he was the way he was.

There was no reason for him to keep fighting. He believed that he had all the reasons in the world to give up. To give up on himself and to give up on everything.

He came that day from school deciding that it’s going to be the last day in his life. He told his father that he was going to take a shower and relax in the bathtub.

He didn’t want to relax; he wanted to end his life. That was a declaration of giving up. By ending his life, he’s telling the world that he had given up on himself and on everything.

As painful as it was, it was not more painful than the current pain that he was feeling.

So, he went to the bathroom to do what he had planned. He got his head under the water, counting the seconds and the minutes while watching his life slip away from him just as he planned. I presume he felt relief at those moments, but just for milliseconds.

Because after those milliseconds, he had, while his head was down the water, a thought that made him think twice about what he was doing. He pictured, as he described it later, his family crying and grieving over his grave.

He saw his mother, his father, and his brother crying over his grave. And that was it; it was enough motivation for him to get his head out of the water and take another breath.

“What’s worse than having a disabled child? A disabled child who gives up.” He describes why he decided to not kill himself at that moment. He was disabled and those who care about him already got it hard.

Why make it harder for them by killing himself? In fact, he wasn’t just disabled. It was worse than that. He was born with a rare condition that made him disabled.

He was born limbless; he was born with no arms and no feet.

He used to get bullied at school for that.

He felt that he was different in a bad way.

And he couldn’t do the normal things that the kids his age used to do. And the future for him was dark and unknown. Will he ever manage to lead a normal life, let alone a happy life? Can he work? Will he get married?

How is he going to be able to hold his wife’s hand or hug his first child? It was difficult and very depressing. After all, he didn’t choose to be this way.
He almost gave up on himself. But at the last moment, he backed off and pulled himself up. Up of the water and up of the depression that he was experiencing. Nowadays, Nick Vujicic is not only a role model for a lot of people but also he’s happily married and a proud father. He gives speeches where he gives people hope.

Telling people who are going through tough times that if he can do it, they can do it too. Regardless of how difficult the situations are. He chose to not give up; he chose to believe.

Believe in yourself against all odds

Dissatisfaction will happen in your life. People may lose faith in you. Every day can bring forth more challenges. But the joy, hope and vision you hold in your dreams, your aspirations, your goals, can see you through difficult times as long as you never give up believing in yourself!

Are you at the point of giving up on your dream? Are you just about to let your aspirations slip through your fingers? Are you dejected that things are not working out the way you want? Have you stopped believing in yourself? Are you now questioning whether you really have what it takes to achieve your dreams?

Never stop believing in yourself

Don’t let the reality of life destroy your dreams. Don’t give up. You owe it to yourself to never let go of your dreams, goals or hopes. They give meaning to your life.

That is why you’ve held on to them for so long. You know you’ve tried your level best and put up the best fight anyone could ever have asked of you. Even when your closest supporter, shows loss of belief in you, and even walks away, don’t let it stop your fight. Keep going till you succeed. Otherwise you have suffered, and struggled for nothing.

Stick to what you are trying to do. After spending the time you have already, suffering from whatever pain it has brought, it would be such a waste to just give up.

So, be brave, keep fighting, hold on to your dreams and never give up ever in life! Keep going until you win. Not giving up ever in life must be what you stand for.

Success comes to people who have the courage to keep going no matter the obstacles.

Life is a test, a tough one, sometimes. And you’ve got to get through it. Sometimes you feel lost. Doubts and negativity cloud the mind. Just don’t give up.

Better times could just be around the corner, so you must keep fighting for just a little longer.

If a guy like Nick can keep going and not give up on himself, so can you. The worst mistake you can ever make in your life is giving up on yourself. You are responsible for your life and thus you always have a choice. Get up. Dust off. Do something. And never ever lose faith in yourself, you are all that you have got.

Cynthia Chirinda is an organisational and personal development consultant, life coach, author and strategist. Her two new additions to the Connection Factor Collection — The Connection Factor for Leaders and The Connection Factor for Women — speak to matters that position organisational leaders and women respectively, to achieve greater levels of success through their strategic connections. Looking at improving your career, personal effectiveness, communication skills, relationships, focus, faith and happiness? Wholeness Incorporated Coaching offers you strategies you can implement today to review your progress and achieve your goals.

E-mail: cynthia@cynthiac.net. LinkedIn: Cynthia Chirinda Hakutangwi. Mobile: +263 717 013 206. Website: www.cynthiac.net.in

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