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Enviable eyebrows made easy

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There are many small things that can enhance one’s beauty and one of these is the eyebrows.

It is a stunning transformation to have a perfectly shaped brow that works with the shape of your face. A perfectly shaped eyebrow will bring balance and
proportion to the whole face while accentuating the eyes and softening some facial features like the forehead. Just to top it off, a good brow will give you a polished look even without make-up.

They say eyes are the window to the soul and shaped eyebrows frame the eyes, drawing attention to them. As such, whether you are young or old, male or female,
taking the time to properly shape your eyebrows is well worth the effort. For the man, a little eyebrow grooming can mean the difference between a scruffy-
looking guy and polished well-groomed gentleman.

As for the ladies shaping your brows makes such a phenomenal difference, that once you start you will never
stop shaping your brows.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to create the perfect brow, as these tend to differ with the shape of your face, preference and at times even event and
impression you seek to create. However, there are some simple guidelines that each individual can play around with to create the perfect eyebrow for their face.

The first step to getting your perfect brow is to identify the best tools you can use. The most common tool is the tweezer. To master the skill of shaping your
eyebrows using a pair of tweezers, you follow a simple procedure.

Firstly, fill in your brows to create a clear and precise outline. Then tweeze out any hairs that are sticking out of the highlighted area from the root to avoid any breakages.

This method can be time-consuming and at times uncomfortable, but it is ideal for ladies who want to remove minimal hair and value precision and perfection in their final look.

Since time immemorial, waxing has been a favoured technique of hair removal. This technique is fast and pulls multiple hairs all at once, to provide a clean,
neatly defined shape with long- lasting results.

However, eyebrow waxing is best done by professionals because working with a small area as the eyebrow area, it is very easy to make mistakes and the mistake will last a fairly long time. So, in order to avoid the risk of shaving off all your eyebrow instead of shaping them, best you let a professional with more steady and controlled movements do it.

If you would like to wax at home, have several professional eyebrow waxing done until you are very comfortable and familiar with the process. When familiar with the process, practise several times to get your hands steady and controlled using your eyebrow home-waxing kit.

Eyebrow threading is by far the cheapest way to shape your brows. All you need is some good cotton thread. Eyebrow threading uses small twisted cotton threads
to catch and pull out hair strands in a smooth and straight line.

This technique is cheap, fast, comfortable and more precise than waxing. However, if it is
your first time threading, you might want to take things slow as it takes a bit of time to accurately target the right hairs and master the hand movements.

Once you have identified the tools that work best for you, then it’s time to pick a shape. The shape of your eyebrows is mainly influenced by the natural shape
of your eyebrows, eyes and the shape of your face. When picking out your eyebrow shape, always remember it’s all about balance and proportion.

The perfect eyebrow shape will bring much-needed balance and proportion that will accentuate some features that bring out your glow which is hidden in ungroomed brows.

If you are not certain of your face shape, you can visit a beauty therapy who will advise you and ideally give you your first brow shape. It is easier to then
maintain the shape that the therapist would have outlined for you by tweezing, threading or waxing regularly.

For a more defined look, you can choose to use eyebrow fillers.

Eyebrow fillers are basically products that are used to make the colour of your brows more defined.

When choosing a filler, always get one with the same shade or lighter than your brow to avoid an unnatural or harsh contrast. You might notice that even though you have black eyebrows, a dark brown filler gives a more natural finish than black, that is because of the contrast of the dark brown to your skin
as opposed to charcoal black to chocolate brown skin.

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