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Value through eyes of mosquito

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After a long, hard day in the office struggling to make ends meet, one tends to just want to go home and unwind in the evening.

However, the moment that unmistakable buzz of a mosquito is heard, all levels of fatigue are fast forgotten as the immediate need becomes having to locate where the mosquito is buzzing from and immediately kill it. A mosquito is generally regarded as a nuisance, how then can value be attributed to this insect?

There are various definitions of the term value. However; the common understanding of the term which we will use today is:

The regard that something is held to deserve.
The importance, worth or usefulness of something.

Every action or step a person takes in life, whether towards a certain career path, in choosing a friendship, a life partner, a business idea to pursue etc, is all part of an individual’s pursuit of finding the value of their existence. In this regard, there are some characteristics of the mosquito that can serve as a guide.

Never give up: Imagine for a moment the ratios in size of the mosquito measured against that of a human being.

The mosquito is probably afraid to take a bite out of people as they know in no uncertain terms that the probability of that meal being their last is quite high. This probability and truth does not scare the mosquito away.

Instead it will resolve to move faster such that by the time it can even be spotted, one would be branding enough of the mosquito bite marks as proof that the mosquito is indeed there. We imagine this picture and we note that for a mosquito to feed actually is an act of bravery.

A person like every other animal goes through this earth only once, yet there is a tendency to not hunger for success as though people have a second chance at life.

When chasing after our goals, chances of failure are high, but we need to accept and move on. Like the mosquito giving up on our endeavours should not be an option.

Size doesn’t matter: When a mosquito enters your vicinity, as long as you have heard that buzz you will find various ways to be able to extinguish them and find peace.

If a mosquito can cause even the president of any nation to be uncomfortable, surely it means that regardless of its size that it actually has the power to make you notice.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are the biggest animal in the business world or the strongest.

That small mosquito has the power to turn a peaceful environment into a war zone. So understand today that it doesn’t matter that you are just starting out and not known, everyone starts somewhere. All you have to do is have the confidence to enter into that business circle and make your presence known.

Be difficult to ignore: If a person tells you mosquitos do not bother them, you know they are not being honest. Sleep can elude you just because a mosquito has entered your vicinity.

A mosquito has the ability to get you to open your wallet and spend faster than a spouse, you will be running around looking for mosquito repellants, sprays, coils, when travelling anti-malaria medication, some will also call fumigators to spray their houses so as to have longer periods of rest from the mosquito.

All this expense, simply because that small mosquito has entered your vicinity.

As an individual, don’t be a nuisance, but learn how to announce your presence to the world, be that person who walks into a room and your presence is felt and noticed before you say anything. When then given the chance to say something, use wisdom to always leave a positive impact with the people you have interacted with.

If you have a product or service that you provide, spend more time on your branding taking into account you are the first of your brand that people will see before they get to know of your products.

People like to tie a product or service to the owner, hence why the popular question is often heard: “Who is the owner of this business?” If you understand the impact your presence has to society you will move like the mosquito and be difficult to ignore.

Create your own unique buzz: That buzz that a mosquito makes can never be mistaken for any other insect, even if you were deep in concentration working on something. The moment that buzz is heard even if the mosquito was attacking someone else and not you, you will still take note.

Each of us has our own distinct talents that cannot be imitated, hence create your own buzz that will have people distinguish you from crowds easily.

All corners of the globe know of Apple products, its quality, brand, and of course its owner and yet a huge population in the world that uses the Apple products never got the chance to meet with the late Steve Jobs.

He pursued after amplifying his own talents and that created his legacy.

Most people cannot be picked in a crowd because they are busy imitating someone else’s buzz and as a result no one knows what their buzz sounds like.

What are you often praised for, what have you been told repeatedly that you are good at, and why are you not chasing after that which you are always applauded for because in truth that is your unique buzz.

Find like-minded individuals: Have you ever noticed that you can almost go mad literally when you enter a vicinity with so many mosquitoes and they all descend on you at once?

As much as people may sympathise, however, at the back of their minds they are silently acknowledging how it’s better it’s you and not them. The havoc created by these mosquitoes on an individual is enough to cause them to change location. Now imagine the intensity of these mosquitoes as an attribute you possess with people in your circle.

You come together and share goals and in agreement, move in one accord to meet those goals.

The world would be full of successful people today, stop entertaining people that do not have the same hunger for success, progress, and growth that you have. It’s either you are in a circle that is pulling you back or you are the one pulling others back in a circle.

If your goal is wealth creation and being successful, engage like-minded individuals and together you will create a stir in any environment.

People should know you by the buzz you create. They may not see or even know what you look like, but they should seek you out. You can never mistake the buzz of a mosquito… distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Be the mosquito in your industry. Stay inspired!

Nothando Moyo (PhD Cyprus) is an author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and business development consultant, award winner at the World Women Leadership Congress India. She can be reached on e-mail: nothandomoyo18@gmail.com

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