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R Kelly happy in solitary confinement

LONDON — R Kelly is happy to have been put in solitary confinement in jail because he fears someone will try to kill him.

The disgraced singer is currently behind bars after being denied bail by a judge last week but he’s told his lawyer, Nicole Blank Becker, that he doesn’t mind
being in solitary confinement in federal prison because he feels safer as he’s aware other inmates know he’s been accused of sex crimes involving underage

However, his attorney told TMZ that the I Believe I Can Fly hitmaker being in solitary could be problematic because he has no one to lean on for support or

Kelly is unable to read or write, so that makes even basic tasks, such as what is on the commissary list, incredibly difficult. Whereas prisoners typically
have access to the phone at all times, the Ignition singer can make calls for a total of 15 minutes a month to speak with family and friends. There is also no
access to the TV or internet.


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