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Nadia Naked gets boost

Cape Town — Rapper and songwriter Nadia Nakai is in the city to promote her debut album, Nadia Naked. The Imma Boss hitmaker has wowed fans at high schools and was set to perform at Canal Walk yesterday.

Nakai was recently named an ambassador of sportswear brand Reebok in South Africa.

“I can’t explain how amazing it is being the face of such an amazing international brand, especially to think of how it all started. It started off with me
doing something small, but something I loved and despite the haters and the negativity, what they saw as my crazy ‘Bragga’ apparel has paid off,” she said.

“I can’t imagine a better partner to join me on this journey.”

Nakai has been in the industry for more than eight years.

She grew up in Johannesburg and often travelled with her mother to her native Zimbabwe.


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