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$8,5m health equipment for Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter

Celebration Health (CH), the philanthropic medical arm of Celebration Ministries, is seeking partners that will help to bring $8,5 million worth of donated state-of-the-art medical equipment from abroad.

Nigel Chanakira from CH told an international health conference jointly organised by The Standard and the Health and Childcare ministry in Harare last Tuesday that $850 000 was needed to ship the materials to Zimbabwe.

“CH specifically seeks your support to sponsor or part-sponsor a budget allocation of $850 000 for shipment and delivery to beneficiary health facilities of over $8,5 million worth of donated state-of-the-art medical equipment and supplies in 25 x 40-foot containers, as well as essential medicines,” Chanakira said.

“This consignment, with an average of 10 times return for every dollar invested, will be donated through combined efforts that include our international medical equipment and medicines donor partners, MedShare International and CitiHope International.”

The containers will be shipped from the United States of America through the Beira port in Mozambique before they are delivered to the intended recipients around Zimbabwe.

“As a partner, you may choose to sponsor the whole amount, a container or part of the shipping and delivery costs,” Chanakira said.

“CH was created in 1996 and started operations in 2005 and was created in response to the health care needs of the underprivileged of our society and in response to Christ’s call to us as believers to do something to ‘the least of Christ’s brethren’.”

He said for Zimbabwe to attain the highest possible level of health and quality of life, there was need for everyone to be involved.

“This vision can only be achieved through multi-sectoral partnerships involving all sectors of society – government, business, civil society organisations and communities,” Chanakira added.

“These partnerships are particularly important for effective regulation; improved service delivery, quality, reach and effectiveness; coordination and efficiency in resource use; building ownership and a sense of involvement and participation by all.”

Health and Childcare minister Obadiah Moyo applauded Alpha Media Holdings, the publishers of The Standard, for organising the conference, saying it should be an annual event that will help evaluate progress in the rebuilding of Zimbabwe’s health sector.

Speakers included United States ambassador Brian Nichols and several top medical practitioners in the country.

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