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Anger over Ndiweni imprisonment


The imprisonment of prominent Ntabazinduna traditional leader, Chief Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni, has been described as a “political sham” amid indications that his lawyers are preparing for an appeal.

Ndiweni, who is very vocal against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, was on Friday jailed 18 months by Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Mushove for malicious damage to property.

Twenty-three villagers that were charged alongside him were only sentenced to 525 hours of community service each.

The chief and his subjects were accused of destroying a fellow villager’s crops.

Former Education minister David Coltart said it was clear that there was political interference in the case where former Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu and
Zanu PF ‘were deeply involved”.

“The prosecution was spurious, the judgement deeply flawed and the sentence utterly ridiculous,” he said.

“ Even if one accepts the deeply flawed State case as fact (which is strenuously denied by Chief Ndiweni), the damage alleged to property is only RTGS$300,
namely US$30, for which Chief Ndiweni has been sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment.

“There was no evidence that Chief Ndiweni himself damaged the property, but somehow he has been found vicariously guilty.

“This is a profoundly shocking development and the hand of Zanu PF is clearly obvious.”

“The public at the court (on Friday) were deeply angered by the jailing of this honest, decent, compassionate and principled traditional leader, so much so
that riot police had to be deployed in case their anger boiled over.”

Mhlonipheki Ncube, the MDC provincial spokesperson in Matabeleland North, said his party would stand by Ndiweni whom he said was being persecuted.
“We are quite aware that this is not aimed at the chief in particular but just to instill fear in the generality of disgruntled people of Matabeleland and the
entire nation,” he said.

“We want once again to take this oppotunity to join our president Advocate Nelson Chamisa in calling for the immédiate release of Chief Ndiwani for what they
are doing is only adding salt to the wound.”

A day before Ndiweni was sent to jail, he had posted videos on Twitter urging Zimbabweans to join peaceful protests against Mnangagwa’s government. Indications
are that his lawyers will file an appeal by tomorrow and also apply for bail.

3 Responses to Anger over Ndiweni imprisonment

  1. Farai Johnson Nhire August 18, 2019 at 11:26 am #

    Ndiweni urging people to overthrow Mnangagwa’s government and Mnangagwa’s government are just expected to fold their hands, waiting to be overthrown! Sounds so strange and funy! I am also surprised that David Coltart is troubled by seing Zanu Pf hand in the case while he, in the very process is throwing Mdc Alliance hand in the very same case! Well, Mr Coltart has no record of fighting discrimination against black zimbabweans during UDI and I am just surprised what could have changed by now and why? All I see is an atempt to distabilise our nation and create conducive invironment for his western kith and kin to loot our resources. For your own information, Ndiweni does not at all represent any level headed people of matabeleland. Remember Ed was voted for by more than 60 000 in bulawayo alone in last year’s presidential poll and I do not believe any one of those voters endorse Ndiweni’s silly shenanigans but they are people of Matabeleland, so please Mr Coltart, don’t try to divide zimbabweans.

  2. peter cecil August 19, 2019 at 8:14 am #

    Ndiweni violated the law and a such should not expect any special treatment. Those insinuating that ZANU PF has a hand should not forget that it was actually Ndiweni who is on record calling for the violent and unconstitutional removal of a legitimate president so why should he cry foul.

  3. Mfanafuthi Mbulazi August 19, 2019 at 10:33 pm #

    Stop spreading propanda, Chief Ndiweni is well-liked in the region, one party has signed for its loss in the next elections – they’ll rue the day they incarcerated tbe chief. Grief has no permanent address those celebrating will be trounced by the very laws they are jubilant over.

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