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Mnangagwa fiddling while Rome is burning

letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People

As was expected, Dhakisi Lacoste fled from his people to attend some useless get-together in Tanzania.

Fleeing when citizens of the capital were demanding accountability, transparency and an end to corruption!

This is the same person who left and went sight-seeing in Dubai when Cyclone Idai was pounding Zimbabwe.

He only returned when his presence in Dubai had begun to become an embarrassment to his hosts.

Anyway, back to the march against Dhakisi Lacoste.

He should have been man enough to address the people and tell them how he was going to address their concerns.

He cannot just bolt out of the country like he did last time when he was fired from his position as co-vice president by Gushungo.

Of course, Zimbabweans remember that after announcing crazy fuel price increases, he again fled to some dictatorships which are former members of the Union of Soviet Socialist
Republics, (USSR).

The announcement triggered riots across the country.

As life and property continued to be lost and damaged, he was entertaining hopes of a longer stay and proceeding to Davos, Switzerland, until developments forced him to return home to
face the mess he had created.

It is simple common sense that when your country is faced with difficult situations, as a leader, you should not be thinking of joyrides in luxury planes or shopping stints in
functional economies.

You should be with your people and putting heads together to come up with solutions.

What exactly does Sadc do?

If anybody was to ask what Sadc is or does, they would get interesting responses.

Other than being a union or association of mainly liberation movements that endorse each other’s mainly flawed elections, it is difficult to really understand the role of Sadc in the
lives of its citizens.

Yes, we will always know who is chairing or hosting the summit or that organ but really, does that amount to improving the lives of the citizens of Sadc? After the usual hollow and
shallow communiqués, nothing tangible is ever seen happening.

It is either a moribund institution, like its big brother the African Union, or its communications people are not doing enough.

Why do we only see Sadc when it comes to hosting summits for its leaders or when it comes to observing elections?

How does Sadc help Zimbabwe or any member state when it comes to health issues?

Is Sadc going to do anything about the looming famine or we will have to be fed by Western countries as always?

Has Sadc ever built a hospital in Zimbabwe or anywhere?

Is Sadc doing anything about democratising the region or it is about entrenching hegemony of liberation movements and absolute monarchs?

I think this kick on their collective backside should be the beginning of robust debates on how Sadc can be reformed.

It should not be seen as the institution that endorses flawed elections or the place that leaders facing transparency issues flee to, as in our case.

Their communications people need to explain to Sadc citizens just what it is that they do and why they should be a burden to taxpayers in the region. Wake up from your slumber, Sadc,
and tell us just who you are and what you do! Also consider reforms.

MDC — and then?

The people marched. Some were abducted and beaten.

The regime says it does not know who did the abductions, but many have commented that the methods used have the hallmarks of the regime.
But the question for the ever clueless and cowardly MDC leadership is: What happens after the march?

Do you embark on similar sterile efforts to march against the regime or come up with brainy strategies?

If anything, does that party have strategists or think-tanks or they strategise on Twitter and WhatsApp?

The questions that many people asked ahead of the planned march was what the march was supposed to achieve.

Were people going to gather and not depart whatever the consequences?

Were the leaders going to lead from the front or from the back or from hiding places?

Another question was whether it was effective to hold one march in Harare or to hold simultaneous marches throughout all the major urban centres as a way of being more effective.
But the Zinasu boys and girls were not too worried about details.

Generating noise and excitement was enough for them.

Tell them, Linda Masarira!

Some people may not agree with Comrade Linda Masarira ,but the lady really makes some strong statements.

Take, for instance, her remarks on why people have never demonstrated against MDC- run councils for poor service delivery.

Uncomfortable, but legitimate question.

Why is water quality poor, refuse not being collected and corruption increasing?

It should not be about what party you support, but a simple demand for accountability, transparency and a big NO to corruption.

If Zimbabweans can do that, then it will be on its way towards improving lives of the people.

Gushungo Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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