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Can Trump overcome elite opposition?

Letter from America with KENNETH MUFUKA

There has never been such opposition to a presidential candidate before and after winning the elections as is the case with US President Donald Trump.

This opposition will stop at nothing, including fraud and near-treason, to make sure that Trump does not finish his term in office.

Recently, 3 000 enthusiastic Trumpkins (pejorative for Trump’s supporters) filled a sports arena in a college town called Clemson, South
Carolina. This is the largest crowd seen in this state for the last 20 years. Throughout the US, 90% of the Republican membership is
reported to support Trump for re-lection. Indeed, former South Carolina governor Mike Sanford, who is considering challenging Trump in the
primaries, was shouted down. “Go take a hike!” they chanted.

This reporter, from the beginning in 2016, did not jump on the bandwagon of reporters who fabricated poll results projecting Hillary
Clinton beating Trump by 90% of the vote.

It is my opinion that Democrats are, as we speak, out of sync with the general white population. Their desperation is showing on all

In October (circa 16th) the New York Times editorial board proposed the thesis that these were not normal times, and a Trumpkin win would
undermine US leadership abroad and subvert peace at home.

On August 2, 2019, the new editor, Dean Baquet, held a meeting with his staff which lasted for 75 minutes. Transcripts of this meeting
have been leaked.

Baquet was trying to rally his troops before battle. He charged the correspondents to always refer to Trump in such ways as to create a
picture of a racist maniac. We ask for indulgence from our readers, as leaving out Baquet’s bad words would paint a less violent picture
of the desperation in which the elites find themselves.

“This fucking racist (Trump) wants to reverse the outcome of the civil war. For God’s sake, if you agree we can’t let this lunatic get
away with it.” Baquet said many other bad words.

Trump was a white racist. White racism and white supremacy are not the foundation of this country. It will be difficult to bear this
Trumpkin burden for the next two years. Trump’s term expires on January 20, 2021. In this war with Trump, there can be no objectivity. The
great newspaper, which once was a reference paper and the conscience of a nation, is now firmly a NEVER TRUMP warrior.

It will take no prisoners, give no quarter and spare no virgins.

The NEVER TRUMP crusaders have given up on a fair fight.

Before we proceed, I will briefly describe the world in which the US elites have created and which they will protect at all costs, even
if by doing so, they commit treason.

Over the last 40 years I have been in the academic world, the liberal world view, that the US is itself founded on slavery and
imperialism, and therefore part of the world problem, is regarded as a self-evident truth.

Democrats, in particular, have encouraged the attitude among blacks that society owes them “something” in view of slavery. A theory called
“intersectionality”, now regarded to be on the same level with Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity, says that if you are white, somewhere,
somehow, sometime, you benefited from imperialism and black oppression.

The University of Glasgow, whose foundations came from slave sugar and tobacco barons, has set aside GBP10 million as a remedial outlay
for intersectional beneficence.

But here, I think is the kicker. Looking over the southern border with Mexico, former president Barack Obama sent back 360 000 migrants in
2015-2016. This year there are 500 000 waiting to be deported. A monthly flow of 100 000 has been steady since Trump came to power in the
belief that migrants must gain entry before the gates are closed.

The migrants’ children will eventually vote. Six states have sizeable proportions of Hispanics.

These problems were not topics of dinner discussion because they carry with them connotations of racism. Trump has addressed them head-on.

A hard fight

James Comey, former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and a Clintonite supporter, was so certain that Trump could be
prevented from winning the election. He collaborated with Hillary Clinton in creating a fake case that Trump was a Russian spy.

Even when his confidant, Robert Mueller, swept the floor for two years looking for evidence, that fake plan fell apart.

The NYT, Cable News Network (CNN) and all the media houses except Fox News, followed NYT, 24 hours a day in excoriating Trump.

Having failed on that front, they are now desperate.

Evangelical viewpoint

Since the rock foundation of his support comes from Protestant evangelicals and Catholics, we can start by saying that there must be some
mysterious factor in play which has escaped the elites. Of course, these elites, more than 1 000 news media outlets, were wrong to project
a huge Hillary Clinton win in November 2016 and to book in advance a sea front party shindig for US$6 million.

Trump’s support has steadily increased since he took over power. In 2017 it was 38% of the population, was 40% in 2018 and slightly
increased to 40% and 41% in 2019 and 2018, according to Gallop and Fox News.

There is no denying that Trump is the least civilised president the US has had since Ulysses Grant, who liked to fight whether drunk or
sober. Trump’s favourite “bite” is a triple-decker hamburger, also a favourite of the working class. He speaks out of turn, and gets
himself into disgraceful arguments with nonentities like football players and fraudsters like Brother Jussie Smollet, a Broadway actor.

As I write, his media opponents are having a field day. Trump, who is in France, dining with the G7 leaders, is reported to have spoiled
the dinner there by mentioning an uncomfortable subject.

It really does not matter what he does the media houses, are keeping a daily record of what they call “Trump lies” and malapropisms. CNN
says in the two years he has uttered 18 000 lies.

Professor Allen Francis, former chairperson of Psychiatry at Duke University, took his mission to CNN. “Trump is a destructive person in
this century as Hitler, Stalin and Mao were in the last century.” Francis says that Trump is responsible for the death of millions of

Francis’s diagnosis comes without ever interviewing or meeting Trump.

The New Yorker, a fancy elite magazine, accuses Trump of withdrawing federal funds from reproductive health services (fancy words for
abortion clinics.)

Trump, though boisterous and clumsy in negotiating trade deals with China, is tackling a problem that has been around since the North
Atlantic Free Trade Area, 1992.

The US cannot compete in manufacturing with neighbours which pay one USD a day when the minimum wage is US$7.15 per hour. It stands to
reason that manufacturers will move plants abroad if allowed to sell their goods free of duty in the US.

Working class whites prefer a lunatic like Trump fighting to keep their jobs in the US than some mealy-mouthed elite who is sympathetic to
the plight of developing countries.

While Never Trump fighters see the future in bleak terms, Trump’s supporters see no future at all if Trump loses an election. Add to this
a general atmosphere, created by elites in academia that there is really no gender differences. The theory of gender fluidity, allowed by
elites in schools, has been exploited by two-boy athletes in Connecticut. Having declared themselves to be feeling “girlish”, they have
won at least five state races when competing with girls.

It may surprise a poor parent when a three-year-old girl child comes home explaining how she has been allowed to use the boys’ toilet.

Roman Catholic Social Services and Miracle Foundation have years of service to orphans and adoption. Government is putting them out of
business because they discriminate against gay parents.

It was George Bush, Sr who coined the term cultural war in 1992. Trump does not need to worry about his support among evangelicals.

*In the last instalment of Letter from America titled, ‘Mthuli Ncube does not live in Zim’, an impression could have been created that the
Finance minister does not live in Zimbabwe. For the record, the minister stays in Harare. The import of the piece was that some of Ncube’s
policies create an impression that he is out of touch with reality.

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