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What is America is getting from America


Against the background of China’s dominance in Africa, the United States of America also began to pursue an active policy to strengthen its influence in Africa.

To this end, the US administration is actively using humanitarian assistance to countries on the continent, loudly publicizing it in the media.

At the same time, Washington’s real goals and actions remain in the shadow. At the same time, behind all the “gratuitous” assistance programs are primarily the economic and military-political interests of the United States itself.

The slogan “America Above All” has always been and will always be the basis of American policy since the formation of the United States, in territories taken by force from the indigenous population of the North American continent.

And the wars and armed conflicts fanned by the White House around the world fit into the principle of the American establishment “While the rest are at war, we are getting richer.” At the same time, the fact that at present the dollar, which is not backed by anything, dominates as the world currency, allows the US government to have de facto power over almost all the states of the world and dictate its own conditions, including relying on the American army, whose power is not used to protect the territory of America itself, and to gain superiority in the world.

Returning to American-African relations, it can be stated that not a single country where the United States “penetrated” with its “humanitarian intervention” began to live better, whether it be Somalia or Libya, Niger or Chad, South Sudan or Mali, as well as other countries .

The American administration is not interested in the welfare of ordinary Africans. And that is a fact. The main task is to consolidate their own dominance in order to make a profit due to access to the natural resources of the continent.

It is for this that Washington, with the use of powerful mechanisms of non-governmental and humanitarian organizations, as well as the media, organizes “color revolutions”, overthrows unfavorable regimes, eliminates leaders who can really defend national and regional interests, sanctions are imposed on unwanted politics. This has already happened in Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Syria. Moreover, apart from chaos and devastation, this did not lead to anything good.

Now the Americans have set their sights on Zimbabwe. Here, the opposition, which lost the election, is strongly supported. The government, which takes measures to protect national interests, is objectionable to the United States and therefore subject to the sanctions from which ordinary people suffer. The stigma of “oppressors of their own people” is hung on the police and army, ensuring public order.

As early as July 19, American President Donald Trump, answering a question from a journalist who asked him a detailed question on his African policy and sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, said just his administration was “Looking at Zimbabwe right now”. Naturally, after such a “comprehensive” answer, the majority came to the conclusion that Trump brushed the question aside because he probably know little about Zimbabwe.

But these are the problems of Trump himself, in reality his administrative machine continues to work, and apparently everything is harmonious, with the goal of punishing the objectionable Zimbabwean government.

As soon as the opposition in Zimbabwe begins to destabilize the situation, the Americans come to its aid. So it was in August 2018 and in January of this year, so it happened this month.

Even before the MDC-Alliance demonstrations planned for August 16 in Harare, the main American tabloids, who had not previously remembered Zimbabwe, immediately, as if on command, began to publish articles with all kinds of accusations against the Zimbabwean leadership and law enforcement agencies. And after, thanks to the coordinated actions of the forces of law and order, it was possible to prevent bloodshed on the streets of Harare, they still accused the authorities of suppressing the “will of the people”.

And what is the Demonstration Alert published by the US embassy in Harare on August 15, the day before the planned MDC-Alliance demonstration. Reading it a suspicion creeps in: whether the Americans wrote a plan for the upcoming protests of the opposition.

In addition to Zimbabwe, you can recall Uganda. Thus, the United States is not embarrassed to disseminate statements through its embassy in Kampala condemning the actions of the legitimate authorities to prevent unrest in the country.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of dollars are transferred to the accounts of opposition politicians through non-governmental organizations under various pretexts, which is actually an interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.

If this scenario does not work, an “armed humanitarian intervention” is underway, backed by economic sanctions. This is exactly what the United States is doing with Venezuela.

With those countries that generally follow the course of American politics, Washington acts differently.

Allocate financial assistance, soft loans, implement medical programmes, supply equipment and weapons.

But is this all for free? Oh no! You have to pay for the loss of sovereignty, natural resources, and the admission of American troops to the territories.

If you refuse, immediate actions will be taken to stop assistance and provide all-round pressure.

At the same time, demands are directly put forward for full support for the actions of the White House and for refusal to cooperate with other leading countries of the world, primarily China and Russia.

To achieve greater effect, the mechanism of financing the opposition is included.

This is often followed by allegations that a legally elected leader is illegitimate and there would be demands for an immediate transfer of power.

And then, from the United Nations rostrum, replacing concepts and manipulating facts, the world is called upon to view the government as terrorist or inhumane, and then a military contingent is introduced into the territory of a sovereign state and aggression against it begins.

This happened in Iraq, Libya and Syria. As a result, these irresponsible actions led to the destabilisation of the North African and Middle Eastern regions.

But for the Americans that is playing to their hands.

The increased intensity of armed confrontations is used by them to further military intervention and to justify the exorbitant budget of the US Ministry of Defense, and stabilisation of the situation – to promote their own interests as the main peacekeeper.

But, whatever the US do, Africa, and other regions of the world remain for them as a supplier of natural resources and is used exclusively for the growth of well-being and welfare of the United States itself.

President Donald Trump said: “America is above all, we will make America great again”.

And the rest is no matter!

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