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Kasukuwere mourns Mugabe


Former Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere yesterday said former President Robert Mugabe was a unique leader who did not bear grudges.

Kasukuwere is one of several Mugabe loyalists who fled the country after the 2017 coup as they were being pursued by the military.

In a tribute to the former Zanu PF leader, the former ruling party’s commissar said Mugabe was a towering African giant.

“Mugabe is the founder of our liberation and was a unique leader. He was selfless, he fought for his people in Zimbabwe, and he fought for the people of Africa as well,” he said.

“Mugabe did not bear grudges with his people neither did he haunt anyone. If anything, he tried by all means to bring
Zimbabweans together.

“Mugabe was a towering African giant, revolutionary, freedom fighter and empowerment exponent.

“On his shoulders, lay huge responsibilities and he discharged them with commitment and clarity. As he would say: ‘I dare
not allow anything untoward to happen to my people’.”

Kasukuwere said Mugabe had an agenda to empower the people of Zimbabwe.

“He fought against the oppression from the colonial rule,” he said.

“Why shouldn’t the other leaders that took over from him do the same? He built a foundation upon which Zimbabwe must be

“Now that he has passed on the baton, it is incumbent upon the other leaders to start building on the already existing

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