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Why real heroes are snubbing Lacoste

Letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My People,
The Lacoste factional government can’t be feeling too great about themselves at the moment.

The most affected could be the head of the Lacoste faction, Dhakisi Lacoste himself.

As I have said and predicted in the past, even the dead don’t want or cannot be buried by Gamba the Garwe.

What is the matter, people? Why is the person hated or so unfortunate that he cannot even have an opportunity to speechify over the bodies of genuine heroes respected by all Zimbabweans?

Those developments should mean or reflect something about the perceptions in which the head of the Lacoste Group is held.

It has to be noted that other than in the case of one or two Lacoste members, ED has not had an opportunity to bury genuine and uniting national heroes whose status was never in doubt or a subject for dispute.

When renowned academic and freedom fighter Phineas Makhurane died and was given national hero status, his family announced that he would be buried at his rural home in Gwanda, meaning the Lacoste chief could not preside over the burial of one of the few well respected people in public office.

When international music icon Oliver Mtukudzi died, he was declared a national hero by Zimbabweans before Lacoste and team ratified the people’s decision by declaring him a national hero as well.

Again the Mtukudzi family announced that it had been the wishes of the late musician to be buried in his rural home in Mashonaland Central.

Again questions were raised as eyebrows shot upwards.

Then came the death of the Black Russian, Dumiso Dabengwa, who again was declared a national hero by ordinary Zimbabweans before the Lacoste government followed suit by declaring him a national hero as well.

Come burial time and Dumiso would not be buried at a place which would give his former tormentor-in-chief a chance to pontificate over his body.
Like the others, he chose a modest grave in the village.

More egg on the face for the Lacoste gang.

Then came the death of Robert Mugabe, Gushungo.

Now this one played a clever one over those dummies.

Not only would he be buried at the Heroes Acre, meaning he declared himself a national hero,  but Lacoste would not be allowed to preside over the funeral.

What a master stroke! Viva Gushungo!

Meanwhile, flags are still flying at half-mast with no end in sight. It will have to be the longest period that Zimbabweans will ever mourn in their history.

Rumours about Gushungo burial

My dear people, in this difficult period for the nation, a lot of rumours have already started flying around and I suspect Auxillia and Lacoste of spreading those malicious rumours.

They have been saying that Gushungo has already been buried in Zvimba and that the coffin being paraded around without having been taken to any funeral parlour did not have Gushungo’s body.

Other rumours were to the effect that the body would be flown to Singapore for safekeeping as Gushungo was afraid that the gangsters would use his body for ritual purposes.

Other rumours were that the body would be kept at Blue Roof while the mausoleum was being built.

I am sorry I will not divulge the correct position for fear that those people will do what Gushungo feared.

What exactly happens?

I am also aware of a lot of questions being asked by many people about what happens in Zanu PF.

When Mboko and Prisca Mupfumira were arrested, they went to town about how they feared they would be poisoned while in the slammer.

Many are also asking why Gushungo was so paranoid about people not accessing his corpse as they would use his body parts for ritual purposes. Really? How?

Has anybody else who died in the past been used for ritual purposes?

Very interesting narrative.

Blue Roof title deeds

The nation has been fascinated by new developments emerging on a daily basis about the life of Robert Mugabe.

The latest drama was around revelations that the Mt Pleasant House is owned by Zanu PF and that the land on which the Blue Roof palace is built on belongs to Zanu PF.

Really? What else belongs to Zanu PF? Maybe the land on which Mugabe’s rural home is built on also belongs to the party.

Maybe the farms owned by the Mugabes are on land that belongs to the party.

Meanwhile, nobody has said anything about the humble house in Highfield. Maybe the party bought the house for him as well.

Meanwhile, now that ED has been tasked with regularising the issue of houses, which may or may not happen, would this not be the right time for the Zapu guys to get their properties back? Or are they happy with the status quo?

Someone help Chamisa

It was very interesting observing Chamisa paying his condolences. Many felt he was too invasive in the space of Dr Amai as he was all over her.

Earlier he had been told about space issues by Graca.

Others will have noted how Chamisa endorsed Gushungo’s homophobic conduct.

He also appeared to be crying more than the owners of the corpse.

We shall see!

Gushungo woyee!

Munhuwese kunaAmai

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)


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