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betPawa’s 250% win bonus is changing the game

betPawa only recently arrived in Zimbabwe, but they’ve already changed the betting landscape by
introducing the first ever 250% win bonus.

Yes, if you have a winning bet with 30 legs, you’ll get 250% extra on top of your winnings. And there’s no
minimum stake, so you can bet as little as RTGS$1.

They offer the best win bonus anywhere in Zimbabwe for any bet with three legs or more. It starts at 3%
for three legs and climbs to 10% for five, 50% for 12, 100% for 20, 200% for 28 and 250% for 30.
Your chances to bet small win BIG are boosted further by great odds and regular pawaBoosts which
make them even bigger.

You can also count on quality 24/7 customer support on Facebook, plus free withdrawals and low
mobile data usage.
So what are you waiting for? Check them out at

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