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Chef on Duty charms Germany

By Takemore Mazuruse

Her trademark African head wrap and the unmistakable smile captures your attention even before the husky yet enchanting voice serenades you. If you get fortunate enough to taste her exquisite gourmets, you would then understand why she has charmed all and sundry, the international media included.

Born Mizpah Bore, Chef on Duty as the classy food enthusiast is known in her circles recently hogged the limelight after she was featured in Eine Welt, a respected German magazine that focuses on life in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to Standard Style, the sassy chef said she was encouraged by the remarkable feat and will continue giving her best so that beyond whetting the appetite of her clients, she also helps put Zimbabwe on the map.

“Chef on Duty is not just about the food, it’s a lifestyle and my desire is to leave footprints wherever I am hired or engaged to provide service. I am very passionate about what I do and truth be told, the money is just but cherry on top,” she said.

“While I boast of clarity of intent in my craft, I was really blown away by the attention I got from Eine Welt, a respected German magazine that writes about life in Zimbabwe.

“They knew about my work after I got featured on some South African Instagram page. “They then flew to Zimbabwe in March to interview me and get a better perspective of my work resulting in the published full page article in October.”

The 28-year-old chef, whose love for class and life in general is unmistakable, said she was in the food industry for the passion and was happy with the attention and business slant that her work has taken in a short space of time.

“Food has always been my passion, but becoming a full-time professional is something that I started under the past three or so years but the growth game and faith from the market is amazing. That I am getting the attention of the international media in the region and beyond is really humbling,” she said.

“I am, however, more fulfilled by the genuine smiles, acknowledgements and positive feedback that I get from my clients.

“I am, therefore, geared to go the extra mile so that I rise from being a regional or international chef to become a globally acclaimed brand in the food industry.”

A passionate traveller who finds joy in exploring the world, Chef on Duty also spoke of her work in Zimbabwe and how she has transformed the food industry into a swanky yet fulfilling adventure.

“Yes, we eat to live, but as Chef on Duty I believe in bringing the oomph into my clients’ kitchens, events and even offices because we offer quality yet affordable home meal services, events catering as well as tailor made breakfast, lunch and dinner orders for our clients,” she said.

“We also bring the class with our services thanks to the wholly African slant as shown by the remarkable head wrap and related apparel that we put on when the event theme calls for such.

“We are, however, dynamic and all about unparalleled yet efficient convenience. It is our hope that we continue to scale heights in our quest to satisfy the market.”

Chef on Duty’s manager and sister, Bernice Bore who happens to be her biggest cheerleader said she was generally encouraged by their brand’s strides and was calling on more support from the local and international market, corporates included.

“It has been quite some journey and we are really excited about the prospects. The orders keep coming and we pledge to continue giving our best so that we remain the best in the game,” Bernice said.

“Our hope is that we continue to be the brand of choice to all that require top-notch and exquisite dishes for their individual, family and corporate needs locally and internationally.”

Chef on Duty serves both traditional and exotic meals and is fast carving its niche in the local market.

It is hoped that the new found fame and fortune keeps the brand going without losing sense of direction like some wayward achievers are prone to do.

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