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‘I don’t want to be married’

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Socialite and sports marketer Luminista Dumbisa Jemwa might be a lot of men’s idea of what a “perfect” woman looks like and, given a chance, the bold would certainly “shoot their shot”, but unfortunately she is not ready to commit.

Summer has come and for the gents this is a chance to expose the results of gruesome gym hours during winter while daring ladies revert to more skin revealing dressing.

For picture perfect Luminista a beach, swimsuit and sunny day is all it takes to turn heads.

Fully aware of it, the self-proclaimed #premiumstonyeni shared a hot bikini snap with 172 000 followers on Instagram account @globalcitizen_lumi this past week.

“Class in session: The Greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude. #takenotes,” read a somewhat motivational caption to the picture that attracted more than 4 000 likes in a day.

But, while the comments section was burning with praises and drooling, one user under the handle @mortionkanyerere asked a provocative question:
“Ucharoorwa naniiii [Who will you get married to?].”

The South Africa-based beauty, formerly married to former Warriors striker Nyasha Mushekwi, did not waste time telling the nosy follower how she had ended the marriage to enjoy the single life.

“I have been married already years ago darling and I divorced him because I dont want to be married. So, dont worry about me and being married… Do your research boo and have your facts straight before you come to mu wall (sic). All love and peace,” read the clap back.

The statement was loaded with a heart-breaking revelation for the legion of men with the minutest hope of sweeping her into matrimony.

Gents, we too are not sure what it would take to end up with the hourglass body shaped beauty in your arms, however, we are certain it will be more than money, style or fame.

She has all that and more!

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