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Dream come true for Nyasha Manase

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IT all begun in 2003 following a dream in which angels were backing her while she was singing on stage. This happened soon after her father had passed on.

United Kingdom-based gospel musician Lunette Nyasha Manase, the last born in a family of four, grew up in a family that worshipped and loved God.
In her dream that night, she was singing on the big stage with her dad standing beside her in support.

“Behind me was this amazing white glow from the angels that were backing me up. It was so beautiful but unfortunately I woke up and had forgotten the song,” said Manase.

Later on in 2004 she would get songs during or after praying, while she was sleeping.

“I started writing then but I was scared to go out and record. And so over the years I was refusing God’s call for me to minister through music until last year, 2018, when the Lord spoke to me,” Manase recalled.

She then recorded her debut track Teerera Unzwe in April 2019, which came from the 2018 “encounter with God”.

Manase’s latest album, an eight-track gem entitled Zita raJesu: Inhare Yakasimba is doing well on the market.

“The messages in the tracks are different depending on how I received the songs,” she said.

Asked about her testimony on how God had transformed her life after she took up her calling as a gospel musician Manase said: “I would need the whole day for that cause God has just been faithful and too good to me. We would need another day for that question.”

She promised her fans more great productions as more works are in the pipeline.

“We definitely have a lot in store, all I can say is be on the lookout,” she said.

Like any other upcoming gospel musician, she has had her own fair share of challenges in the local cut-throat music industry.

“Getting the music out there as a newbie, It’s been a lot of work but I’m grateful for every step and where I am. God has been faithful to me,” she said.

Manase is passionate about her calling and wants the message from her music that seeks to spread God’s word, to make an impact across the globe.

“It is my prayer that the music ministers to people in the way God intends it to, as His word says it will not return to Him void,” she said.

“I believe His word will be fulfilled through these songs as He continues to use me as His vessel.”

She is grateful to everyone who has supported her in that journey, and those who are going to support her to accomplish what God has called her to achieve.

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