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Reshuffling Cabinet for the sake of it

My Dear People
So, according to the Lacoste gangsters and mafia, Zimbabwe will get a new currency some time in the future.

In fact, due to the breath-taking incompetence, confusion and total failure, the gangsters in government are still giving conflicting statements on if and when the new currency will be launched.  

There is very credible speculation that it will be called the Zimdorrar.

No prizes for guessing who could have named our currency.

The point, however, is that nobody gives a hoot about whether we have a new currency or bond notes or RTG or RTGS.

Even Lacoste himself appears not too sure of what we call our currency, preferring to wrongly call it RTG, which is a scandal on its own.

But as said earlier, this is all much ado about nothing.

To start with, it will still maintain and retain the same worthlessness that its predecessor had.

Also, the big criminals in government, who are behind the trading of money as a commodity, will help themselves to the available currency well before it is availed to the public in preparation for selling it on the streets through money changers.

Our economy and country will continue to be raped and pillaged by looters in very high government positions.

So, same old story there, nothing new!

Recycling dead wood

It looks like Emmerson Lacoste is eager to emulate everything that his hero, Robert Gabriel Mugabe did during his time as leader of Zimbabwe.

The latest Cabinet reshuffle is a case in point.

He seems to think that shuffling his dead wood in order to please the different factions will by some miracle improve our economy.

Someone needs to tell him that there is enough dead wood in that Cabinet to build several ships with.

What was the wisdom behind shunting Cain Ginyilitshe Mathema to preside over the Ministry of Primary and Secondary education?

The change should occur in the Lacoste mind.

As the British special envoy told him last week, he needs to change the way he thinks and does business and not return to the default settings of Mugabe.

There needs to be political and economic reforms in order for Zimbabwe to return to normalcy and rejoin the family of nations as an equal partner.

But in a bid to retain power for purposes of looting the country, it looks like some gangsters would rather retain the pariah status so that they avoid peer review from normal countries.

So, again, a Cabinet reshuffle is brought in to divert our attention from the breathtaking incompetence of a failed and unable leadership.

Maybe his deputies, who are always in and out of hospital should give Zimbabweans a chance and resign so that more able and capable people can assume their responsibilities.

Celebrating passports

Many people across the world were surprised that the issuance of passports to some average footballers born of Zimbabwean parents somewhere in the diaspora created so much excitement in Zimbabwe.

Surely, a nation celebrating that footballers have been given some passports?

Is that the reason why poor Mathema was given the boot after his department failed to issue passports to the footballers since just before the Afcon finals in Egypt.

Sort of reminds one of how some very patriotic newspaper such as The Horrid are trying their best to steal the World Cup Rugby winning Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira from South Africa, which was wise enough to identify and nurture his talent from early on.

As Zimbabwe, we had three Zimbabwean born rugby players at the World Cup finals in Japan, but because of our warped policies, our children don’t have the confidence or desire to play for our country.

That is what happens when people in leadership behave like rogue gangsters and Mafioso.

Gala and solidarity march for Tendai ‘Beast’ Mtawarira

I am sure the revolutionary party will soon be coming up with a suggestion to hold a national musical gala in honour of Tendai Mtawarira for his exploits, albeit while playing for South Africa in the recent World Cup.

The gala could be held at his rural home in Zimbabwe where he could be handed an honorary party membership card with a request that he is welcome to represent the party in parliament come the next elections.

A solidarity march starting somewhere in town and winding up at the National Sports Stadium is likely to be proposed with everyone being given chicken and chips.

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