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‘Dressing expresses myself’

By Moses Mugugunyeki

Revered Italian fashion designer and creative director of Gucci Alessandro Michele in one of his famous quotes says; “The way you dress is an expression of your personality”. This is aptly supported by local musician-cum fashion designer Feli Nandi.

Nandi, a backing vocalist at Mbeu’s Mhodzi Tribe and fashionista, recently launched a fashion line called Feli Nandi Apparels.

“Feli Nandi Apparels is a fashion line, which focuses on a particular set of designs. “The clothes are mostly about expressing who you are and have a Zimbabwean feel to it,” she told Standard Style on Friday.

“The clothes are going to be mainly made with African materials, for instance maxi dresses, Harlem and Kimono and there are lots of ideas coming.”

She believes dressing has the capability of allowing people to express themselves.

“I have a particular taste in clothes. My idea when I dress is mostly to feel good and free, hence my hash tag #freedomexpressed. It’s more like expressing who l am through clothes, my true self,” she said.

“I have always been passionate about looking good. “I’m very particular about how “l look, especially when l perform or meet people. It has always been like that since l was a little girl.

“l used to take ash and mud then use it as make-up and my mother would get really mad, but as years went by, she realised looking good was a big part of me.”

She said she was so passionate about dressing although the main drive comes from the comments she get from her fans.

“My fans seem to be embracing the idea very well. I am really particular about the clothes I put on and I also believe dressing always has a context, that is why I put on stuff that fits me,” she said.

The singer-cum-fashion designer said most of the clothes she wears were of her own making.

“I design clothes that can be worn by anyone, which l call ‘fits all’,” she said.

“The secret is designing a dress that can be worn by three or more people of different sizes. That’s where the term freedom is coming in. There is no boundary. I just want to create something that can be worn by every age group.”

On her musical side, the elegant singer said she would be releasing a cover video of Steve Makoni’s Zvachonyana next week.

The video was directed by Comic Pastor.

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