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King 98’s video Shoko rocks Nigeria

By Style Reporter

NEW kid on the block rapper, King 98, seems to have fallen in love with Nigerians after visuals of his latest video Shoko, a duet he did with Ex-Q went viral in that country a few hours after the video had been official released on Friday.

King 98 has worked with Nigerians Davido and Zalatan and it seems this is working in his favour if the popularity he is gaining in that country is anything to go by.

On Friday, the 21-year-old rapper released the video of the song Shoko, a track off his debut album Francesca. He features Ex-Q in the song, which is also doing well on local radio stations.

A number of Nigerian online music platforms were showing the video, a few moments after it had been released and these include;, naijang. com, and

The video was shot in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“Expect more of my collaborations with these big guys. Shoko is a nice track and I enjoyed working with Ex-Q on the project,” King 98 told Standard Style on Thursday.

“For this year, I am done in as far as producing songs is concerned, but I am featured on a Nigerian production, a single to be soon released.”

The Johannesburg-based hip-hop starlet said he was happy to have taken part in the Nasty C Ivyson Tour.

“It is one of the biggest gigs on the South African entertainment calendar and being part of it was the greatest achievement on my part considering that I am just starting my music journey,” he said.

“I have enjoyed working with Nasty C, he is a brother, mentor and above all my role model. He takes his time to check on my rehearsals, correct me me where
“I go wrong and there are few guys like him in the music industry,” he said.

King 98 was last week nominated for seven awards at the forthcoming Zim Hip-hop Awards.

“It means a lot to me. Just the nominations say a lot and will encourage me to work hard. At least there are people who are noticing what I am doing,” he said.

“Hard work pays off. I do my work according to what my mentor and managers prescribe me to do and I have a talent to complement that.”

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