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After Pokello, Bev and Dr Amai for Warriors camp

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
When a country experiences excruciating hardships such as are being felt in Zimbabwe, more often than not, the people choose something to provide them with joy such as their local football sides or the national football team.

After years of economic mismanagement and plunder  by the Zanu PF government, Zimbabweans have lost hope of ever living in a “normal” country where basic things like electricity, bread, water and food are available to the people.

It has not helped matters that the MDC-run councils have failed to provide any hope that if they take over in running the country, things will change in a positive way.
They have escalated the levels of corruption that people have now seriously started talking about having a viable third option as an alternative, which would allow Zanu PF and MDC to continue their immature bickering while the third way or option engages in the serious business of governing the country.

Even when it comes to negotiating things like coalition governments, having a third option or third way is preferable as it would allow those who are serious about the welfare of Zimbabweans to chart the way forward while Zanu PF and the MDC continue their childish antics of conspiring to bring more suffering among Zimbabweans.

But I digress.

For now we have to talk about Zifa, that association, which controls football in the country.

Based on the levels of incompetence and scandalous behaviour, many would be forgiven for thinking they were a government department getting their instructions from a very incompetent minister or party functionary.

Those who are malicious would even go as far as suggesting that Zifa behaves like it operates from a Zanu PF department.

Of course, that is completely not true as Zifa is an independent organisation.

So, as we prepared to host the Botswana national football side for the Afcon qualifiers, the official kit for the Warriors was seized by Zimra over a long standing debt.

The out of sorts Zifa leadership cannot be allowed to tarnish the reputation of Zimbabwe just like that.

Not that we have any reputation to protect or salvage but in a sea of poverty or hardships, we expect Zifa to do everything possible and ensure that the Worry-us are not disturbed by anything when they play especially at home.

Having barely survived a scare in a match against Somalia, the lowest ranked nation in the world, surely nobody expected a tonne of goals from the poorly talented Zimbabwean side.

Thinking is so scarce at the institution called Zifa that nobody saw anything wrong with making Knowledge Musona, who is not playing at his club in Europe play against Botswana and even captain Zimbabwe.

We will not mention ZBC, who did not bother to show the clock to indicate how far the match had progressed. We are kind of used to the breathtaking incompetence and lack of attention to detail.

That is what happens when you employ relatives, girlfriends and children of girlfriends.

I hope they did not unleash the panicky Stanley Katsande on the unsuspecting nation.

Where is the British Brigade?

We thought we would see our galaxy of British-born Zimbabweans strutting their stuff at the National Sports Stadium.

Unfortunately that was not to be.

Looks like after managing to wiggle some passports from the Zimbabwean government, the boys finally decided they wanted to be British after all.

For the Warriors, this campaign may turn out to be something they will want to forget quickly.
After Pokello, Bev and Dr Amai for Warriors camp

Reports implying it was improper for socialite and business person, Pokello to visit the national team in camp are simply misplaced and sexist.

If Moses Chunga or Madinda Ndlovu had visited the team before the match, would there have been a similar outcry? No!

That anyone can be incapacitated by simply hugging a beautiful woman is difficult for anyone to comprehend.

The people making those allegations are hiding the real reason for their anger.

Probably that the young boys took pictures with Pokello.

Jealousy. As for us, we believe there is nothing wrong with beautiful women visiting young footballers in camp.

Ahead of their next match we propose that Bev should visit the camp, then followed by Dr Amai Stop it!

Gushungungo Chete Chete!
USaviour WaBantu!
 Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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