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Trump impeachment: Corrupt Democrats are clueless!

Letter from America:with KENNETH MUFUKA

Three years after the election of Donald Trump as US president, Democrats are still in the wilderness. They have failed to grasp the reason why Hillary Clinton lost the election in the first place to a nonentity New York playboy billionaire, who had never run for any office in his life.

They are in a state of denial.

Allied with civil servants, they plotted, even before the inauguration, to thwart him at every turn and attempt to remove him from office. These civil servants came from elite schools like Harvard, Princeton and Yale. They developed a missionary complex, becoming attached to the countries they worked in.

In this hoax, the public servants forgot that the president makes policy and they implement it. Since they despised him so much, they conspired with Congressional Democrats and leaked Trump’s telephone calls.

Now the never ending impeachment circus has returned.

After hiring 40 of their best cut-throat lawyers under Robert Mueller to find fault in the hoax called Russian collusion, they are now on a new holy grail Ukraine.

They just make up stories from spiders’ threads.

Democrats have forgotten that they started this collusion with Ukraine in 2016 by investigating Trump’s manager Paul Manafort. Manafort was sent to jail for non-payment of tax from his proceeds in the Ukraine.

But what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

The Ukranian Burisma Energy Company was being investigated by the US State Department and the Ukrainian public prosecutor for money laundering and other nefarious corrupt acts. To avoid further scrutiny, Burisma’s founder, who knew a thing or two, brought Hunter Biden ( Vice President Joe Biden’s son) on the board. Hunter had no background in energy. He spoke neither Russian nor its Ukrainian dialect. Here is the juicy part. According to research by Brie Stimson, Hunter was paid US$83 (Thousand) per month, totalling US$3.4 million from 2014 to 2016. There is no evidence that he ever attended any of the board meetings.

But there is more. Vice president Biden is on tape, boasting that he told Ukraine’s president to “fire that son of a bitch” who was investigating Hunter Biden and Burisma. The Ukraine president was given six hours, or US aid would be cut off.

The New York Times defends Hunter Biden under the title; “All we know about Hunter Biden’s business deals.” Accusations are unfounded. Hunter did not do anything wrong, the NYT says. Hunter should not be the subject of spurious investigations. The NYT is the leader of the anti-Trump cohorts and the main beneficiary of news leakages from anti-Trump civil servants.

US ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yavanovitch, is a Yalee (Yale University graduate) and struck a friendship with the former Ukraine president. She showed contempt for the new president, Zeledmyr Zelensky, who was trying to walk a tight rope between Trump and Russia.

Trump, a barbarian that he is, gave Yavanovitch 24 hour notice to return to Washington.

She cried as she repeated Trump’s lack of finesse, after having worked for 30 years at US State Department. All the foxes shed tears on her behalf.

The reader must drop two grapes in the mouth. “This is interference with justice. This is impeachable!” The chief hypocrite Adam Schiff repeated.

But there is more.

US Ambassador William Taylor, a Harvard University and US military academy graduate, was called to testify. The issue is that Trump made a telephone call on 25 July and spoke with Ukraine president, asking him for a favour.

Taylor, who succeeded Yavanovitch did not hear the call. Neither did Yavanovicth. So, we may ask, why was Taylor testifying?

We shall give reasons in the conclusion.

The key to Taylor’s congressional testimony is this. “I am going to tell you what people told me!” He said. His assistant, whose name has been ‘outed’ as Eric Ciamarella (pronounced Car-mella), a former Biden operative, overheard a conversation in a restaurant between the US European ambassador George Sondland, an American Jewish millionaire, rewarded by Trump for his financial support with an ambassadorship. The conversation went something like this.

Taylor, a Harvard graduate served in the military before joining the Foreign Service.

“Trump cares more about whether Ukraine officials will investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter.” The US ambassador to the European Union is reported to have said these words by the eaves-dropper Ciameralla.

Taylor was trying to convince Congressional Committee that hear-say evidence should be taken seriously. If we accepted that standard of evidence, there would be no end to spurious charges by eves-droppers who hear one side.

It is amazing how these good people are unaware of what is impeachable or not.

The founding father Alexander Hamilton described an impeachable offense as “high crime(s) and misdemeanour, which proceed from the misconduct of public men or from abuse or violation of some public trust. (Such a crime) chiefly relates to injuries dome immediately to society itself.”

It is a fact that Trump conducts his business in a way that brings contempt. Evangelicals, his ardent supporters, hit the nail on the head. He shows no discipline of thought or of action. He jumps before he looks.

Stupidity does not make a high crime and misdemeanour. It is not impeachable. Dummy!

Trump is not the first to seek an investigation of Hunter Biden’s business dealings in the Ukraine and in China. The US State Department under Barack Obama briefed Yavanovitch on how to avoid entrapment about Hunter Biden in her Senate confirmation hearings.

Trump has changed Ukraine policy by supplying defensive Javelin anti-aircraft weapons to the Ukraine. Obama allowed bandages and food aid while the Russians were pounding the Ukraine with weapons of mass destruction.

Public servants, Yavanovitch, Taylor and Vindman hated Trump so much they were not aware that he had in fact followed their advice.

Obama authorized a similar inquiry into Paul Manafort, Trump’s manager in 2016 which led to Manafort being jailed for tax evasion.

Oh, but Trump cannot ask Ukrainians to investigate Biden. The hypocrites shout in a devilish chorus.

We cannot conclude without the testimony of an ignoramus, a Colonel Vindman. Vindman objected to what he believed was a misdirection of US policy. In his opinion, Trump contradicted previous US policy agreed to by his committee. Vindman, in his arrogance, did not know that the president can reverse policy and that he Vindman has no authority to change it.

Wow. That is very big.

Did Vindman know about Hunter Biden’s shenanigans with Burisma? Yes Sir. “Like I said, I did not. He was an American citizen. Certainly there are domestic political overtones; I did not think that was appropriate for me to start looking into this particular. I drew my conclusions on Burisma and I moved on.”

Here is a man who is meticulous in the defence of US interests but sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil about Burisma and Hunter Biden’s shenanigans.

What about the U$3.4 million that accrued to Hunter Biden’s account from the Ukraine? Oh, that! What about it?

We know Democrats took an insurance policy to remove him from office by whatever means necessary.

One cannot remove a US president based on evidence by fly-by night spooks who listen to telephone conversations to which they are not entitled.

Nota Bona: Blacks have been schooled by Democrats that Trump is an evil racist and should not be given the chance of a snowflake in hell. No evidence is necessary.

l (Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot who writes from the US.

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