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Apostle Mawoyo makes another date with SA

By Stephen Chadenga

Harare apostle and founder of Christ in Action International, Trevor Mawoyo, (pictured) has made another date with South Africa where he will hold a week-long gospel crusade in Cape Town.

This is the third time Apostle Mawoyo will be in the neighbouring country following similar visits to Johannesburg and Pretoria two years ago.

“I will be holding a crusade in Cape Town from November 30 to December 7 in what is going to be the biggest gathering for us as Christians in that country,” Apostle Mawoyo told Standard Style.

“Besides taking the gospel to that part of the country there will be healing for the sick and those who face other problems in their lives.”

The well-travelled man of the cloth, recently said he had plans to open an assembly for his church in the United States. Preparations for the construction of a 4 000-seater church in Highfield had also begun, he said.

“The land has already been cleared and we have started building the structure to accommodate more congregants as the church grows,” Mawoyo said.

Last year, the preacher said he had opened assemblies in China and Hong Kong where he claims to have converted many people to Christianity.

In 2017, was reported to have wooed multitudes in India where he was guest speaker at a crusade organised by more than 50 churches.

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