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Artistes to hosts prayer for nation

By Jairos Nhakano

All roads will next Friday lead to the AFM Kingdom assembly in Derbyshire, Waterfalls in Harare for an all-night vigil prayer for the nation.

The event, which is being organised by Zingoma Trust, is running under the theme Love it, pray for it.

Zingoma Trust is a group of local gospel artistes, which seeks to promote and package Zimbabwean gospel music on the global market, accelerate the development of a financially viable and sustainable music industry.

The trust’s founder and director Fulton Bheme told Standard Style that artistes have a role to play in the development of the country, hence their involvement in championing prayer sessions.

“In praying for the nation, it shows artistes gave love as well as well as good wishes for their country and citizens,” Bheme said.

He said the theme Love it, pray for it cements the idea of striving for what one wants at the same time acknowledging the omnipotent character of God.

“The theme talks about love; you can’t pray for something that is not at heart… shaping the canal of the mind to start putting hope of everything on God,” Bheme said.

Bheme, who is also a music producer, said the all-night vigil would not only be centred on praise and worship, instead, a huge chunk of well-established musicians are set to grace the occasion, in which they will deliver words of motivation as well as teachings.

“A big number of artists were engaged to be part of the event as some will give messages of encouragement and teachings on the day,” he said.

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