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Long live Zimbabwe, our own Animal farm!

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People
I am sure you have all noticed that we are living in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Zimbabwe and Animal Farm can be used interchangeably as developments in the two republics are identical.

It is amazing that a once prosperous country such as our Animal Farm (Zimbabwe) has been allowed to deteriorate socially, economically and politically.

The levels of dictatorship have increased to an extent that many people are not openly saying life was much better under colonialism.

It is now difficult to tell the difference between the white oppressor and the black oppressor.

People can’t remember, who was more brutal, the white colonialists or the black kleptocracy.

Zimbabweans cant seem to remember, which government provided well for them, the white Rhodesians or the black clueless Zimbabwean government.

More than six million Zimbabweans are facing starvation because the black government failed to plan against such eventualities.

It has actually been suggested in some quarters that the number of people facing starvation is closer to 10 million than it is to five million.

Under the Smith regime, did people fail to access medication in public hospitals.

Of course there is no doubt that the Smith regime was racist and had policies that prevented black people from reaching their full potential.

But did they fire all doctors and nurses because they asked for better pay?

Of course people like Jenerari and those in the ruling class can afford to fire medical personnel at public hospitals because they don’t seek medical attention at local hospitals.

What the government appears not to know is that it is presiding over a silent genocide.

In addition to the starvation, they are superintending over a silent genocide in the health sector.

But as in the other Animal Farm, many citizens have fled and continue to want to flee to other countries where a better life is guaranteed.

A better life where people can enjoy basic freedoms and rights such as access to basic services like health, education and a descent life.

So cruel is the regime that it is pegging the price of a passport at $1 000, more than what some civil servants are earning.

Since policy pronouncements are made during graveyard speeches or at youth rallies,it is not yet clear if the subsidy on maize, the staple food has been removed or not.

A regime that lies to its people that it has enough maize supplies then removes subsidies?

Pure Animal Farm stuff.

A journalist was recently savaged by local police because she was carrying a camera.

That is such backward thinking if police are going to criminalise the carrying of a camera.

To start with, anybody carrying a smart phone is essentially criminalised by our local police.

Then imagine some foreign tourists happily taking photographs in First Street being pounced upon by the police because they are taking photographs.

That is such primitive and barbaric behaviour!

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, and other arms of government are busy marketing Zimbabwe as a prime tourist destination while the actions of our police have done everything to scare potential tourists from visiting Zimbabwe.

A country where police beat up people carrying cameras or political activists usually does not attract hordes of tourists- or investors for that matter.

What do they do?

It was good to see a story on page one of The Horrid on November 26.

El Jenerari who has in the past made it a habit to hide his hands was virtually waving at everyone to show us how he has improved.

And we share with him the good news that he has recovered.

We also hope Mrs Jenerari, Mary has also improved and that she is well.

But one thing that some Zimbabweans have been asking is what kind of work members of the presidium do.

Apart from seeking treatment in foreign lands, touring incomplete buildings and signing Mega deals whose impact feels, just what do those guys really do when they go to work?

Of course they also engage in useless clean up campaigns which can be solved through policy implementation.

Dhakisi ED used to arrive for work very early, does he still do that? He also used to report for duty on Saturdays and many still want to know if he is still doing that and what it is that he does.

Maybe people ask all those pesky questions because they have never seen a change to their lives.

If anything, while the presidium has been trying to figure out how to run the country, the lives of Zimbabweans has greatly degenerated.

Gushungo Chete Chete!
Chatunga woyeeee!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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