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Must know facts on the all-new 2019 Mitsubishi Triton

standard wheels:with Andrew Muzamhindo

It is a given that Zimbabweans love their pickup trucks.
In the past, trucks were simply work horses. They were built tough and nothing else mattered. The tougher the better they were. Customers were content. Now they need more. They have become demanding, the current crop of pick-up trucks are nothing short of a style statement. Nissan’s Navara offers a fully independent rear end and comfortable leather cabin, Ford’s Ranger comes with the stylish Wildtrak. Even the Hilux is extremely refined and a far cry from its Mad Max like origin. Now it’s Mitsubishi Triton, Zimbabwe’s new hero that has undergone its share of amazing robust masculine changes making the vehicle feel like an SUV.

This year we finally get to see the major changes the Mitsubishi Triton has undergone. Zimoco launched the new Triton last month. Priced from US$51400, there may be lots to take in but here’s my quick rundown on 5 hot things you have to know about the new Triton

Extreme Makeover

It has completely changed its looks. It has gone under the knife. Aesthetics is a very subjective matter as what might appeal to you may not appeal to me and vice versa. I found the new Triton to be a looker. It looks futuristic now. It’s truly 21st century. From its slim lights, squared off ‘Optimus Prime’ like front fascia, clean cut rims and lashings of chrome up front, it certainly stands out from other trucks on our roads.

The 4 4Sure pillars

Spearheading the Triton’s charge into the world market is its 4Sure tagline, which is made of 4Sure Power, 4Sure Control, 4Sure Agility and 4Sure safety. On the Power front, you now have a 2.4 liter MIVEC turbodiesel unit putting out 181PS and 430Nm torque via a 6 speed automatic transmission. Ensuring total control of all that power is 4Sure Control in the form of the Super-Select 4WD II (that’s so Mitsubishi!). Basically a knob in the center console sorts the car’s drive terrain to ensure optimum transfer of power and forward progress on terrains like gravel, mud, sand and rock. It even has Hill Descent Control, helpful when you’re trekking on less than ideal surfaces.

Safety standards just went up

The current Triton has a slew of electronic aids to make it a safer car on the roads, both for occupants and other road users. For instance there’s the Forward Collision Mitigation, Lane Change Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, and the Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation System (UMS). These are all systems that alert the driver if they are about to drive into something or someone, which they are unaware of. When you are driving a truck this size with full a load, this can be a handy feature.

Turn around and around and around

It’s got the best in class turning radius of just 5.9 meters. And how is that relevant? When you are driving in tight spots and streets, factory units, picking up or dropping off stuff in an alley, a small turning radius is a life saver. The last thing you want is to go back and forth in a multi-point turn maneuver trying to get your Triton to face the right direction. So yes it’s truly a party trick up the sleeves.

The longest warranty period in the Biz

With 100000km or two year warranty coverage, it’s one of the best on the market. In fact, it’s very competitive. This is very helpful because the amount of mileage a working truck racks up in just a year of ownership can easily exceed 100,000km.

While these are the first impressions I have on the 2019 Mitsubishi Triton, I have also driven it. What a pleasure. It actually behaves on the road when compared to the rest of its rivals. It would be interesting to see how these new updates manifest in daily real world conditions with more test drives planned.

Otherwise these five points are good enough to warrant a visit to the Zimoco showroom at Sam Levy’s Village, Zimbabwe’s only official Mitsubishi dealership

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