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Reading the lines of truth


When you look at your shadow at different times of the day, it looks different. At one time its thin and tall, at another it’s fat and short. The difference is in the light deflected by your body which changes the structure of that shadow. You are still the same person but the intensity of the light shifts the structure of your shadow.

Our interpretation of the word of God is like how the structure of the shadow changes. Each person has their own interpretation of the word of God. It can be the same scripture but when the light (or revelation) of God’s word shines on it, to the reader it casts different shadows. It is like how your shadow changes at different times of the day. Our interpretation of God’s word can never be the same.

We can read the same scripture but our understanding is different because of the different intensity of light (or revelation). Some argue and say even within the Bible the writers even contradicted themselves by using stories that are the same but wrote from different viewpoints. Like the most popular one who caused David to number Israel. In Chronicles, it says Satan caused David to number Israel and in Samuel it says God caused David to number Israel, so the argument begins: who caused David to number Israel? The writers speak of the same incident yet they seem to contradict.

The Bible encourages us to search the scriptures, meaning when you look at such scriptures get to the root of the story by asking questions like: who wrote this letter and what time period was it written? When you ask such questions, it becomes easier to have a clearer picture of the scriptures that seem to contradict at face value.

Israel had no revelation of the devil so they assumed everything that happened was caused by God. So the writer of the books of Samuel, because he did not have revelation of the devil and his works, his interpretation was that anything that happened had to be caused by God.

Both scriptures speak of the same incident but the revelation or the perception of the writers was different. So when others now view both scriptures they use it to discredit the bible. But just because the writers had different revelations of the same incident does not change the truth the scripture was communicating. That one should not go against Gods commandments and how later the actions of David that preserved Israel. Just because the shadow is different during different times of the day does not mean the body has changed. What is the central message for us as Christians? Christ’s central message is to save the lost souls.

Revelation of scripture in the body will never align fully because people always will view the lines of truth differently. But one this remains what Jesus came to do. Just because the shadow cast by my body was different at different times of the day does not change who I am. So the interpretations will always be different what remains consistent is God and his word.

Let’s not fight because the lines of truth are different but let’s begin to appreciate each other and if you feel your light cast the best shadow teaches your brother or sister. The secret is to always respect each other and learn from each other with the understanding that your revelation does not suggest others are wrong. God bless you!

l Humphrey Mtandwa is an anointed minister of the gospel and teacher of the Word based in South Africa. He has written several books including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness and Theophany. He blogs at and can be contacted via e-mail or WhatsApp on +27 610286350.

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