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Opposition leaders still in Zinasu mode

Letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

Ahooooyi comrades!

Today I thought I should briefly talk about the main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change.

Are they still called the Alliance?

Others call them MDC Zinasu due to the huge supply of cadres to the party provided by the student movement.

The subsequent capture of the student body by the opposition, one of their biggest coups, it has to be said, deprived the nation of one of the major pro-democracy forces.

As a result, democracy was weakened as the student movement was divided and thrown into political silos, with Zanu PF also creating and capturing its own body of student activists.

I am sorry and can’t be bothered to remember the name of the pro-Zanu PF student body, Zicossu or something like that.

Instead of students demanding accountability from the ruling party and the opposition, they have become political commissars of the two major parties.

So, who will stand for students rights?

Anyway no disrespect to Zinasu, but the MDC leadership continue to behave as if they are still engaged in student activism as opposed to national politics.

The days of press ups are over. Now comes the serious business of potentially running the affairs of Zimbabwe.

Now is time for serious business in Parliament, now is time for serious business of proving that they are a better alternative to Zanu PF through better service delivery in all those local authorities, which they control.

Surely, the party of excellence cannot and should not be linked to shoddy service delivery in the local councils, which are smaller governments in a way.

Such malpractices cannot and should not be associated with sleaze such as looting of residential stands.

People may end up asking uncomfortable questions.

Such as if they take over national government, will they be able to govern?

Which brings us to the issue of what happened last week in Marondera where official sources said tear gas canisters were fired at a group of MDC officials and activists.

Not that official sources can be relied upon completely.

“Live shots fired at people’s president of Zimbabwe Advocate Nelson Chamisa. We were missed by a whisker. If I am to die, I’m to die for Zimbabwe,” tweeted one senior official.

Really? Live shots?

Is that not the same official who has in the past claimed that if Morgan Tsvangirai could have had his way, ‘he would have killed us alive!’.

Talking of having been missed by a whisker, we all laughed at the unlikely possibility that he could have meant they had been missed by a whiskey!

For many remember some greenhorn politicians from the MDC many years ago being drugged by copious amounts of whiskey provided by a senior soldier while trying to ‘buy’ his support in the event of an MDC take over of government.

How time flies.

During the Marondera incident, another party stalwart fired off the following message on Twitter: “President (Nelson) Chamisa is currently under military attack in Marondera. He remains unfazed.”

Come on! Unfazed when bullets are flying around and missing your whiskers or whiskeys?

Anyway we all saw the over dramatised escape by the unfazed leadership.

The short message is that if MDC wants to effect change, they need to behave like the party that could be in office in a few years.

And they do have many people who believe in them.

Of course there are other issues, which have been identified as tilting the playing field in favour of Zanu PF but they can also help their cause through a serious change in attitude and conduct.

Everytime they send high powered delegations to Mashonaland East, they seem to have a stunt up their collective sleeves.

Was it not in that neck of the woods ahead of the last elections in which another drama of attempting to kidnap Nero was witnessed?

Almost the same way Zanu PF prefers to stage its drama in Matebeleland such as ice cream poisoning, untraceable grenade attacks and booing Dr Amai.

Enter Tyson WaBantu

The last week has also seen G40 kingpin, the person originally identified as the future leader of G40, Saviour Kasukuwere throwing his hat into the political fray.

Those in the know say the G40, which took the strategic route of hiding within the Zanu PF structures by using their financial brute power to win primary elections is much bigger than believed.

That, according to those who say they know what is going on in the party, could explain why ED Ngwena has failed to hold meaningful rallies in Tyson’s backyard in Mashonaland Central as he has reportedly sealed it off.

The same scenario is reported to be replicating itself in Mashonaland East, West and Manicaland.

This last week he made his first public foray into Bulawayo, albeit through proxies.

The theory is if he can wrestle a sizeable chunk from rural Mashonaland provinces, he could be well positioned to form a unity government with Nero. Hezvoko!

Munhuwese kuna Amai!

Ntombizodwa woyeee!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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