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Zanu PF: We will rule through hook or crook

Zanu PF has declared that it will not be removed from power and will deploy any means necessary to close out other political parties.
Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister Mary Mliswa at the Zanu PF conference, which ended in Goromonzi yesterday.Picture: Shepherd Tozvireva


Zanu PF has declared that it will not be removed from power and will deploy any means necessary to close out other political parties.

The charge was led by the ruling party’s commissar Victor Matemadanda when he presented the state of the party subcommittee resolutions during the closing session of the 18th annual people conference that ended yesterday in Goromonzi.

“This is a revolutionary party, that liberated this country, and the only that can defend the revolution, therefore, we will fight to defend that course by any means necessary,” he said.

“Every election is a process to defend the revolution against Western imperial powers working in cahoots with local puppets.

“We will use any means necessary to defend the revolution.”

Matemadanda, also the defence deputy minister, said elections will not remove Zanu PF from power.

“If elections fail we will use any other means necessary,” he added. MDC has refused to recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s July 2018 election win, arguing that the polls were rigged.

Mnangagwa had risen to power the previous year following a coup that toppled long time ruler Robert Mugabe. The military justified Mugabe’s ouster by saying Zanu PF was in danger of losing elections the following year.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa reinforced Matemadanda’s position when he officially closed the conference and said Zanu PF will rule forever.

“Whilst we were at war, we would ask who is the chief of this area, and they would tell us that it is Chief Chikwaka,” he said.

“We would not ask who was contesting Chief Chikwaka (Goromonzi traditional leader). If someone comes into this country and they ask who rules over Zimbabwe, its Zanu PF.”

‘People don’t ask who contests Zanu PF. Know that you are rulers. Do not think of those who contest you. Visitors who come into this country come under the leadership of Zanu PF.

“No one who comes from Japan or Russia, or Lesotho asks who will contest us. You are the rulers, you are the power of this country. You are the government of this country.

“You are the voice of this country, you are the way of this country, you are the future of this country.”

Mnangagwa claimed only Zanu PF cam defend Zimbabwe’s integrity and sovereignty.

“Our heroes’ heritage in all three Chimurenga battles can only be safeguarded by Zanu PF,” he said.

“Zanu PF is the governing party, you are the rulers of this country, you are the power, you are the future of this country,” he added.

After the coup, Mangagwa promised Zimbabwe a “new unfolding democracy” as he pledged to be different from Mugabe, who was regarded as a dictator.

However, Mnangagwa has been accused of closing the democratic space through repression, which some say is worse than in Mugabe’s era.