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Lies and more lies from Zanu PF

Letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
It was very good to see Jenerari Kedha addressing party members at their annual Christmas Party feast held in Goromonzi, Mashonaland East.

The feasting was of course done on behalf of the suffering, toiling and starving masses in Zimbabwe.

Leadership shall represent the people well when it comes to feasting and eating.

The annual Christmas party is also given other names, such as the annual people’s conference.

Of course, we all know that it is neither about the people nor is it a conference but all about the leadership, who spend time engaging in one way monologues.

In a sea of poverty, it was good to see our leaders feasting on our behalf.

It would have been good to postpone the annual party and donate all the goodies to the toiling masses to eat so that people could at least start believing the lie that it is all about the people. Unfortunately it is not about the people, has never been about the people and will never be about the people.

It is about the chefs and the ruling class retaining their power and continuing to loot, pillage and rape the country of its fast dwindling natural resources.

After listening to the monologues, the delegates were rewarded with a musical gala.

It was quite amusing to see Jenerari Kedha proclaim that corruption would not be tolerated in the party and government.


Have they forgotten how a very senior Lacoste kingpin was arrested a few weeks ago and had to be released very quickly as further investigations would have unearthed unpleasant truths about the leadership, which pretends to be squeaky clean.

The levels of corruption levelled against the senior Lacoste official are so disgusting that if the public was to get to know the details, there would be serious misgivings by the ordinary people.

Was poor Cain Mathema not moved from Home Affairs to primary schools as punishment for daring to try to expose the corruption of the Lacoste kingpin?

In police circles, it is whispered that Comrade Matanga could be facing the chop for having the temerity to try and arrest people who are runners of chefs.

It was also quite amusing to witness one of the single largest gatherings of multiple farm owners embarking on a charade to condemn multiple farm ownership.

They pledged to do something about it and so we will watch this space.

Another deceptive statement was the call to eradicate the machete wielding and gun-toting maShurugwi gold panners who have unleashed lawlessness in the country.

Surely does anybody expect anything to be done when the biggest muShurugwi is a very, very, very, very, very senior chefu?

Don’t we all know who is behind the gangsters, who are murdering people in the countryside and have given Zimbabwe a bad name?

What about the other deceptive call to crackdown on illegal money-changers?

Don’t we all know whose sons are the kingpins of the illegal money changers?

Which playboy son of a madam minister was arrested for illegally trading in currency and was sprung out of police cells by the son of a very, very, very, very senior chefu?

Ask Jealousy Mawarire, he has said it in public.

Poor Caps United cannot understand why they are having many problems with getting their bus to operate in the country.

In short, former Caps United player, Nyasha Mushekwi bought his former club a bus in China as a present in appreciation of the role the club played in his development.

Suddenly, after the bus arrived in the country, all sorts of problems have arisen, including demands for certain monies to be paid to all sorts of people.

Nobody seems to be very clear about what is happening and even the former Caps United player is beginning to wish he had not bought the coach.

A bit of advice to Mushekwi and the Caps United family.

Out of respect for the leadership in the country, they should ask His Excellency. Ngwena to come and unveil the bus before the thousands of Caps supporters.

As a club with a large following, this would afford the leadership an opportunity to address many people.

At the unveiling, we would expect to see members of the politburo, central committee, district co-ordinating committees, DCCs, war veterans, former detainees and restrictees, war collaborators and children of war veterans.

If Caps United do that, they can be assured of no hustles.

They can also consult fellow football club, Highlanders on how to deal with such irritations after Bosso received a bus from Tshinga Dube and guess who officiated at the hand over?

Dhakisi Lacoste!

Ntombizodwa woyeee!

Chatunga Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD(Fake)

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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