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Fake impeachment: Democrats are at it again!

Letter from America:with KENNETH MUFUKA

The Bantu are among the wisest people on earth. Democrats, like birds, have only one song, and no matter the circumstances, they will not sing a new song.
In the impeachment shenanigan which they are playing even as we speak, there are too many irons in the fire for them to be able to pull it off.
To begin with, they have been trying for the last three years to impeach United States President Donald Trump, making up false charges which do not rise to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanours” as the US Constitution demands.

As happened in the last election, they imposed Hillary Clinton as flag carrier on the Democratic Party. Hillary was clueless, lifeless, sometimes sick in body, without charisma and unlovable. Her own manager, John Podesta, wrote in a leaked memo that she was unteachable.

In order to do so, chairperson Debbie Wasserman Shultz was tasked to cheat on her behalf. With 450 secret votes, she could tip the tide in any way she liked whenever Hillary was losing to Senator Bernie Sanders.

As if that was not enough, Hillary was told the questions and the people who would be asking the questions and coached ahead of town hall meetings.
But the “foolish” woman was unteachable.

This is now round two. The corrupt Democrats are at their shenanigans once more. Texas Congressman Alan Green confessed: “I am afraid that if we do not impeach Donald Trump, he will be re-elected.”

So US President Donald Trump must be removed to make way for their choice. This time it is former vice-president Joe Biden.

Now if you thought that “Ken is just making this stuff up”, here is the evidence. Sunday, January 12, Congressional Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a Freudian slip.

“It’s Sunday morning — let’s be optimistic about the future … a future that will not have Donald Trump in the White House, one way or another, 10 months from now we will have an election, if we don’t have him removed sooner,” she said.

The question is then: Why in such a hurry especially that the two articles she has referred to the US Senate for impeachment do not rise to “high crimes and misdemeanours”?

The answer is simple. She confessed on December 23, in another Freudian slip: “We have been working on this for two and a half years.”

In order to achieve their aims and make way for former vice-president Biden in the White House, they must remove Trump.

Having made that decision, they found that their candidate, Biden, was not the best. The Hillary playbook was repeating itself once more.

The Democratic elites have chosen former vice-president Biden as their flag carrier. After 40 years in Congress and in government, at 77 years of age, he was involved in all the wrong decisions of the past. He voted for the Iraq war twice, black incarceration twice, blackened the name of black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the story is endless.

A delay in submitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate would give Biden some advantage.

Former Obama defence secretary Bill Gates, in his biography, says that Biden was on the wrong side of every issue for the last 40 years.

Biden’s campaign was lacklustre and uninspiring.

By holding the trials until January 20, Biden’s two main rivals, Senator Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, would be called to Washington. All business stops during impeachment. Meanwhile, Biden, who is no longer a senator, is free to traverse the length and breadth of Iowa as he wishes.

Iowans caucus as families or town gatherings and discuss among themselves who the best candidate is. Failure to appear in person is a serious disadvantage.

So what Debbie Schultz did for Ms. Hillary is being repeated in a different form: Remove rivals from the platform.

Trumped-up charges
In December, House Speaker Pelosi made an urgent call to Congress (the Lower House) that US President Donald Trump is a danger to the security of the nation.

He must be removed from office right away.

First, Trump, by refusing to comply with Congressional requests for information, has committed egregious actions. He must be impeached.

This was a fake charge. Former President Obama had a prolonged diatribe with Congress over Fast and Furious, a project whereby the US had given weapons to drug dealers in Mexico. The Attorney General was censured by Congress.

Secondly, Trump, by appealing to the government of Ukraine to investigate the corrupt affairs of Biden and his son, Hunter, he has threatened the security of the state.

Apparently, Democrats had set up spies in the State Department to listen and relay Trump’s telephone calls to Congressman Adam Schiff.

Schiff, the conduit between the eavesdropper, Eric Ciamarella (a 34-year-old spy) and Congressional leaders, coordinated and framed the charges. That looks like treason to me.

Without charisma, too old to serve, he would be 82 years old at the end of his first term, without a following, losing his memory, he sometimes forgets that he is in New Hampshire when he addresses the Hampshirians as Iowans; nevertheless, like old Hillary, the elites want to impose him on the electorate.

The impeachment starts on Monday January 20. The big X card is that Biden’s rivals in the Democratic Party, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will be in Washington as long as the impeachment proceedings are going on.

Biden (who is not a senator) will be free to canvass, traverse the length and breadth of Iowa. His only other competitor will be Mayor Pete Buttigieg (37), a gay fellow.

The stupid Republicans
Republicans are known for their stu
pidity. Democrat Senate leader Chuck Schumer is as cunning as a fox. Though in a minority, he pretends to be a ruler there.

His method borders on genius. Schumer exploits the contempt with which Trump is held by long-serving elites who regard him as a nincompoop.

Schumer is courting Senator Susan Collins to be nice, logical, fair, and reasonable. If Collins falls for it, as sure as the sun sets in the west, Republican voters will see her as a turncoat and throw her out of the Senate.

The same applies to Utah’s Senator Mitt Romney. During the Soleimani saga, Romney showed that he hated Trump more than he hated Soleimani.

History is repeating itself. Democrats will impose Biden (another lacklustre leader) as leader. Then when Trump trumps him, they will complain about race bigots.

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