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Kazembe impressed by Bindura RG’s office


Home Affairs minister Kazembe Kazembe ambushed workers at the Registrar-General’s office in Bindura after stopping over at the local passport office for a spot check and interaction with clients who were applying for travel documents.

Since his appointment to the ministry, Kazembe has been going across the country on fact-finding missions, saying he wants to ensure the homeland ministry provides top class service to Zimbabweans.

“We have to have the information on our fingertips, understand as a ministry the challenges faced by different departments in the ministry and our clients. My brief is not to be a minister who knows things from briefings but from actual interaction,” Kazembe said.

During his tour of Bindura, the minister interviewed people who were in passport queues, the majority of whom had travelled from Harare, saying the service was faster and better than in the capital.

Some of those in the queues blamed the RG’s Office for failing to supply the information on the application process.

“Nobody tells you where to go, from which queue to the next and how to go about it. There needs to be that information flow,” said one of the applicants captured on video.

Kazembe said while he was happy with the work ethic and speed of service in Bindura, he wanted the same replicated across the country including Harare.

“We have to have a uniform approach of quality service, service cannot be smooth in Bindura then different in other areas, when the government is the same. We can’t have that. So I challenge the Registrar-General to look into that and improve service,” he said.

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