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Surely, not the Chinese!

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
All of you must have been shocked beyond belief amid allegations that a Chinese firm — China Nanchang — was responsible for fuelling the illegal financial black market.

So bad was the situation that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe referred the matter to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) for investigation, and Lo and behold, the FIU, according to a statement from the RBZ, “has so far identified one entity, (China Nanchang) which has used its bank account to inject millions of dollars into the parallel market in the last few days”.

To start with, the statement was deliberately poorly written and did not communicate anything.

Of course, the real reason is to protect the identity of the Chinese involved, our all-weather friends with whom we share a long history dating back to the days of the liberation struggle.

Surely not the Chinese. They can’t be the ones fuelling illegal activities in our economy.

The other reason for the vague statement was to protect the beneficiaries of the corruption.

Jealousy Mawarire has always said that some of the most senior kingpins in the illegal sale of money on the streets include the big man himself and his sons and the son of a female minister married to a garrulous war veteran.

They have been arrested by the police in the past and nothing done to them.

How, for example, was the account used to inject millions of dollars into the parallel market?

Were these cash or bank transfers and where is the account held?

Does the account have any limits on amounts transferred, and if so, how much?

After that, we can then start dealing with issues like which accounts received the millions of dollars being touted.

And that is what our Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is trying to avoid, naming and shaming culprits.

For in the process of naming and shaming, they may name very important people.

Such as the children of very important people and their parents.

And we don’t want people thinking that the leadership is made up of criminals, looters and pillagers.

Why did the RBZ not engage the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc)? Do they have reservations about the commission’s successful catch-and-release policy?

Zimbabweans being Zimbabweans, others were already beginning to whisper that when a deputy ambassador of another country is the one who welcomes your vice-president when very few seem to know when he is coming back, then there is a problem.

You see, the Chinese deputy ambassador may have met our stricken returning vice-president for very legitimate reasons, but our government failed to manage perceptions that could emerge from that.

Which was why sentiments such as state capture or interference started to emerge from Africa’s most educated country.
Somebody simply slept on the job.

Or somebody who wanted to propagate those sentiments did a wonderful job.
Our VPs and how they treat their wives
Our two co-vice-presidents are very interesting individuals. Both coming from a guerilla background, they are not well known for being talkative.

Like most people with a security background, they are not known for being wordy.

Hence, questions have been raised in some quarters on their suitability to lead given their volatile tempers when it comes to matters of the heart and divorces.

We won’t mention the first case, but the other one has approached his estranged wife armed with traditional weapons and thrown a fit while the police stood by.

In a more recent case, the other VP has been involved in a messy divorce amid rising speculation that he was unfairly using his state authority to punish his estranged wife.

So messy has been the case that people have been asking if such gentlemen can care for other people when they could do what they did to the mothers of their children.

The two non-acting presidents
It was good to see our two vice-presidents getting a chance to taste executive power, albeit for a very short while.

Chiwenga did get the first bite of the cherry although ED Lacoste would often come back to do the more important things.

But Chiwenga did manage to welcome a second-hand plane which was coming to Zimbabwe for the second time.

A whole government going to welcome a second-hand plane?

He also managed to pay a “surprise visit” on ED while he was relaxing in his lair at Sherwood.
How can anybody pay a surprise visit on a head of State?

Taskforce for Roller-Meal?

So far, Kembo Dugishi has welcomed a delegation of very young people from the United Arab Emirates who must be marvelling at how we are a failed state with all our resources while they are thriving in a desert.

Under Kembo we have seen the establishment of a taskforce for roller meal.

Given that we have a crisis in every area due to failed leadership, we need a taskforce on electricity, medical supplies, water shortages, exorbitant school fees, poor governance and service delivery, seed shortages and a taskforce for passports.

There maybe need for another taskforce on Zacc .

By the way, just which part of Robert Mugabe’s legacy did those thugs restore?

Gushungo Chete Chete!
Grace Ntombizodwa Woyee!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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