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Letty Chawira to release Prayers and Praises

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Across the border in South Africa, fast-rising Zimbabwean gospel diva Letty Chawira is set to release her fourth album titled Songs and Praises.

Chawira told Standard Style that she is also working on the production of three videos from the 12-track project.

She is among a growing number of local gospel musicians who are making a name for themselves in South Africa by tapping into the huge market in that country.

Their support base includes the over a million Zimbabweans who are residing there.

Evidence of her success is when she was nominated for both the local Permican and the continental Maranatha awards.

The Permicans are the most respected gospel music awards locally.

Chawira is leaving no stone unturned to enrich her brand and has also roped in fellow musician and friend Lindy Marc as her make-up artist.

Her album release plan is one that shows she is aiming to achieve greater things this time around.

“Now I am done with recording my fourth album titled Prayers and Praises. I am also going to release three videos from songs on that album.

“Our plans are to launch the album at the end of March and we are working on designing and marketing the album
“It has been a glorious period for me in my career as I was nominated for the Maranatha continental awards in Nigeria as well as the Permican awards.”

The songstress, who caught the attention of the local gospel music fans with her polished performance at Prophet T Freddy’s Ka Step ke Nyasha album launch last year, is planning to hold more shows this year.

“The first one is set for March in Durban with the second one for May in Johannesburg as an introduction to my album Prayers and Praises,” Chawira said.
After those concerts she has plans to promote her new project back home.

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