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Zanu PF grieving more than the bereaved

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
Many of you must have been following the circus at Zanu PF where the youth league leadership was busy trying to draw your attention away from important issues such as the looming starvation caused by the ruling party’s incompetence.

Instead, they wanted you the people of Zimbabwe to focus on their little sideshows and smoke-and-mirror presentations so that you forget about the real issues affecting the people of Zimbabwe.

The people of Zimbabwe are being affected by poor leadership at all levels.

These levels include the failure by Emmerson Mnangagwa, Lizard Lacoste,  to lead the people of Zimbabwe out of poverty and to lead better lives.

The leadership failures include the failures by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader, Nelson Chamisa, and the Lacoste boss to throw away their selfish and arrogant attitudes over power retention and to prioritise the interests and welfare of the people of Zimbabwe.

The failure by the national government is known to all and sundry and we cannot waste precious time and resources dwelling on an institution whose record for failure has attained legendary status.

The other level of failure, which must be a very huge disappointment, even to their most ardent supporters, are the MDC local authorities.

At a time that we thought the MDC would demonstrate to the nation just why the people of Zimbabwe should vote for them through quality service delivery, they have proved to be no better than Zanu PF.

The levels of failure are so many and include shortages of just about any commodity from cooking oil to fuel, medical drugs, livestock drugs, chemicals for water treatment, foreign currency and all the other important things.

Those that are available are too costly and are priced beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Anyway, back to the Zanu PF clowns.

There was what lawyers would call Brutum Fulmen or empty thunder.

Why go and address a press conference at a venue away from their beloved headquarters, Shake Shake building?

There must be a room which they could have used as a venue for their press conference.

Secondly, why were they suddenly speaking in their own capacities when it is well-known that they held very senior positions in the ruling party?

But the biggest surprise of all was the fact that the ruling party nearly imploded because the youth leaders named and shamed people who are known for their role in business and not as political actors or Zanu PF members or supporters.

Now that was a very interesting development.

Why would a whole political party, which is in government be grieving more than the bereaved?

Why would they be the ones mourning more than the owners of the body?

What has always been clear is that these boys are ED’s runners.

It has been speculated that they could have been doing the bidding of the boss to take slight digs at his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga.

After all, were the courts not told that  our VP received a present, in the form of a car, from Kuda Tagwirei to escort his children to school?

Really? And what else was he given? To achieve what?

In other countries such practices are frowned upon. When leaders receive gifts from businesspersons, they become susceptible to manipulation.

Maybe that explains why one semi-literate deputy minister was appointed to his position at the insistence of one benevolent businessman, who is also a business partner of the said deputy minister.

They become captured. That compromises the security and integrity of the state.

When you have a ruling party and an opposition that exhibit such dazzling incompetence, it is usually time for a third force or a third option.

Unfortunately most of the so-called opposition parties are led by clowns and have no members.

Finally African judges with spine

Kudos to the judges in Malawi who demonstrated to the rest of the African continent that it is still possible to have faith in the judiciary after they annulled President Peter WaMutharika’s electoral fraud and theft.

Of course, the ruling left a full supreme court bench in one African country feeling very embarrassed over the shabby way and perceived partisan way in which they dealt with an electoral dispute in their own country.

By the way, when is the chief justice of another certain African country expected to hear a case, which involves a certain vice-president?

Me thinks another embarrassing faux pas is looming on the horizon.

Chamisa and journalists
Apart from their sterling incompetence in running local authorities, the MDC led by Nelson Chamisa has shown that their levels of intolerance towards journalists could rival that of Zanu PF.

With each passing day, it is becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between the two political parties.

Which was why we were not too surprised to read that Chamisa’s drunken hoodlums in his so-called security department had manhandled a journalist at their poorly attended political event in Harare.

With such behaviour being displayed by a political party planning to get into government, the prospects are very frightening.

Journalists could be beheaded or hanged if these louts come into office.
After Khupe, it’s Khumalo next
After successfully hounding out Thokozani Khupe, including attempted assassinations, it looks like the MDC is still thirsty for more blood, if developments in the party are anything to go by.

The leadership, some of them long believed to be working for Zanu, are preparing to fire Tabitha Khumalo from the party leadership.

We will update you on further developments.

Munhuwese kuna Amai!
Gushungo Chete Chete!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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