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US election: A line has been drawn in the sand!

Letter from America :with KENNETH MUFUKA

War-time British prime minister Winston Churchill said that Americans will try every wrong idea until they finally return to common sense.
In this letter, about the November 2020 election, I want to refer to only two great battlegrounds that define the differences between Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats (sometimes called Progressives) are moving in a secular direction, therefore coming up against a powerful coalition of Republicans supported by evangelicals.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a 37-year-old gay guy from Indiana, an Anglican by faith, exemplary in his demeanour and carriage, exuding a way of grace and humility, is the standard bearer of this cultural war against Republicans.

Buttigieg believes that the time has come to slay the Goliath, a web of hypocrites hiding under the flag of the US, whose flag carrier is a much flawed egotist, a crude loudmouthed sinner, New Yorker billionaire President Donald Trump.

Buttigieg says he sat at the feet of Apostle Sacvan Berocovic and is a disciple of the African church father Augustine of Hippo.

He has settled on the line that will be used in the election. “If you say you are a Christian, do you approve of the way President Trump carries himself?”

The challenge here is to Trump’s evangelical Christian base, which has been unwavering and consistent in its support. It addresses Pastor Robert Jeffress, the leader of Trump’s evangelical political wing. “I want the meanest, toughest son of a bitch we can find to protect this nation,” Jeffress said. In that, he is supported by other evangelical luminaries, the Reverend Jerry Falwell, president of the largest Christian University in the world, and Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.

Jeffress says: “We are tired of being kicked around by (former president) Barack Obama and the leftists.” Obama created from thin air the right of gay couples to marry.

This right was derived from a mythical invention, the idea that gender differentiation is a social construct rather than a natural truth. They threw in the mix Plato as the originator.

Where it gets juicier (black English) is the assertion that a man can become a woman, through gender transition intervention.

With this in mind, Buttigieg takes the fire into Trump’s camp. The first is that Trump is a disgrace, uncouth and unfit for office. These charges were first laid out by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Further, Progressives feel that now is the time to finish off the Christian foundations which have, in their minds, supported homophobia, patriarchy, misogyny and racism.

Mayor Pete speaks on behalf of a large section of new generation secularists. He says, correctly, that “faith must point you in the direction of humility, forgiveness and hospitality towards the poor”. Yes, we agree.

If so, says Pete, then Christianity must be the instrumentality that goes further than anybody else in alleviating poverty, welcoming the immigrant (for you were strangers in Egypt) and getting rid of racial inequality.
That is the challenge. In all these, Trump fails dismally. This is Mayor Pete’s case in brief.

Buying an election!
Buttigieg and Buttigieg have failed dismally to recognise their past mistakes. The original sinner who disgraced the office of the US President was the Democratic Party beloved, Bill Clinton, who asked a 22-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky to kiss his private parts while sharing a pizza in the White house library.

Recently, it was the Obama White House, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Central Intelligence Office which went on a three-year wild goose chase of investigating Trump over a Russia “spook story” which they had themselves created.

Now, 24 hours a day, their media surrogates, shout to high heaven how the Office of the President has been disgraced.

As to the treatment of women as pleasure tools for Trump, they forget that there were 23 women, among them Catherine Wiley, who pressed charges of rape and other misdemeanours against Clinton.

The issue of respect, dignity, and humility in office is water under the bridge. It went away with the high priest of Baal, Bill Clinton.

So did cheating in an election. The Democrats cheated Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016 by using super delegates (aficionados) to deprive Sanders of his victory.
As we speak, they are at it again.

Having failed to beat Sanders in the primary elections in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, they stole a Zanu PF trick. They delayed announcing the results for a week, so the power of momentum was lost to Sanders.

Michael Bloomberg is a much flawed Republican billionaire who has offered Democrats unlimited amounts of money to defeat Trump.

So Democrats have changed the rules in order to accommodate him. He did not run in the first three states. He has spent, as of today, US$356 million in telephone advertisements. I get his message very five minutes.

He has promised to spend
US$2 billion of his own money to defeat Trump.

What about Sanders? They are in the process of cheating him once more. So the “Bernies” (a conglomeration of youths and elderly people) are raving mad.

Bloomberg is just as much a sinner, a narcissist and a racist as the man he wants to remove from power.

As mayor of New York, he regarded young black males as a criminal race to be gotten rid of. “Ninety-five percent of your muders fit into one modus operandum.

It is a minority between 15 and 25 years old. Stop him, throw him against the wall, and frisk him.”

Five million people of colour were thus dishonoured and harassed. Less than 1% had anything criminal about them or with them.

Bloomberg defended this policy as a deterrent. Thus blacks and Latinos were treated as foreigners in their own country.

“There is this enormous cohort of blacks and Latinos, 21 to 25. They don’t know what their skills sets are. They are unemployed. They don’t want to work and they don’t know how to behave and work in a collaborative way with others,” he said.

As we go to press, Bloomberg has been “collecting” black leaders who are willing to “excuse his past” and “look to the future”.

Buttigieg is looking forward to a vice-presidential position. And Sanders is getting bitter and bitter.

l Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot who writes from the US. He spent 10 years researching Life and Times of Robert Mugabe, Dream Betrayed, available in Zimbabwe at INNOV Bookshops and in the world at kenmufukabooks.com

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